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Upcoming Holiday Hours: Juneteenth

On Juneteenth, Wednesday, June 19, all recreation facilities will be closed except City Park Pool. City Park Pool will remain open from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. For a full list of facility hours please visit

City Park Pool Closure 6/20

City Park Pool will be closed for maintenance on Thursday, June 20. The pool is expected to be open for normal business hours the following day.

Program Refund Policy#

The following policy applies to those who register for Recreation programs and are interested in a refund for their registration.


  • If you are not satisfied with your program, you may withdraw before the second class begins and receive a refund. However, refunds will not be given once the second class has begun (first week of youth sports practices).
  • Programs that meet once may receive a refund up to one week prior to the scheduled program start.
  • Refund options include:
    • A full credit to your Recreation household account.
    • A check or credit refund. A $5 service charge per program will be assessed; material fees are non-refundable.
    • For refunds less than $5, a household credit will be offered.


  • Recreation may cancel programs due to low enrollment or other reasons. If Recreation cancels a program for any reason, participants will receive a full refund or credit. Recreation staff can assist you in finding another program that meets your needs.


  • Participants may transfer between programs, prior to the second class meeting, on a space-available basis. There is no charge for transfers, but participants will be responsible for any additional program costs. If the new program costs less than the original program, the difference will be credited to the household without an additional program fee.
  • If a participant’s age, grade level, or ability does not meet the minimum program requirements, the participant will be transferred to a program that better matches their level(s).

Frequently Asked Questions#

The program hasn’t started yet, why am I being charged a $5 fee to get my money back?
If you elect to receive a household credit refund you will not be assessed a $5 service fee. Credit card companies and banks charge the City of Fort Collins transaction fees when refunds are made. The $5 service fee helps keep Recreation’s costs down when refunds are made.

Why am I only allowed to get a refund before the second class has taken place?
This policy allows participants to try a program while allowing a participant to still withdraw from a program. After you participate in the second class takes place, someone else is prevented from having that spot in a class.

Why is this program listed as non-refundable?
Certain programs are non-refundable due to the costs associated with participating in the program. These programs have expenses that are paid for when someone registers for the program and can’t be returned (e.g. plane tickets for a trip).

What are materials fees?
Some programs require staff to purchase items or materials for participants. These program expenses are identified in the Recreator so participants can understand what the material fees are before registering for the program.

I don’t like this policy. Who can I speak with about this policy?
If necessary, a Recreation manager can meet with patrons who have concerns regarding this policy.  It is important for Recreation to understand why a participant is requesting a refund and how we may improve.  It is also important to listen to feedback provided by Recreation participants regarding the refund policy.