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City of Fort Collins / CSU Collaborations#

Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, the City of Fort Collins was founded in 1864 as Camp Collins and is consistently voted one of the best places to live in the country because of its exciting recreational offerings, unique cultural experiences and diverse employment opportunities. Colorado State University, founded in 1870 as the Colorado Agricultural College, is among the nation's leading research universities and calls our city home. The two entities have a long history of partnership and collaboration on many fronts. From internship and volunteer opportunities to state of the art research, CSU and the City of Fort Collins are intricately intertwined. Both enterprises strive for excellence and value the resources each organization offers. Below are just a few of our collaborations. (View full list of partnerships).

Canvas Stadium has certain restrictions and rules. View current restrictions and rules.

Neighborhood Parking

Many neighborhoods around the stadium have restricted parking during stadium events. Remember to check parking signs in the neighborhood before leaving your car, as parking tickets on game days will be $100 and your vehicle may be towed.

To see a map of restricted areas, click here.

Parking on lawns is strictly prohibited and violators will be ticketed.

Neighborhood Enforcement

Hosting a party before the game and want to avoid a costly citation? Remember to register your party ahead of time. Learn more about party registration.

Don’t forget that noise, nuisance, and alcohol regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Be a good neighbor!


Using alternative transportation, like biking or taking Transfort, is encouraged! View more information regarding using Transfort during game days.

For attendees, parking on the main campus is by parking pass only. On-campus cash parking is available in the parking garage on Pitkin off of College. Free game day parking can be found at the South Campus parking lot off of Drake. There will not be shuttle service from this lot to the stadium.


As with any major special event, congestion in the CSU area is expected, and delays will occur. Alternate routes are advised if you're not attending the game. All major arterials are open to traffic (including College, Prospect, Shields, Laurel, and Mulberry). Some turning restrictions on Shields between Prospect and West Elizabeth will be in place.  

For more information on campus parking and transportation visit

Through an intergovernmental agreement (IGA), CSU provides funding ($1.4 million) to the City of Fort Collins for enhanced and specialized transit services on and around the CSU campus. The funding contribution from the University also allows all students, faculty and staff to ride the Transfort system with the use of their RamCard. Read more.

The Engines and Energy Conversion Lab is an energy research and education facility. The CSU researchers in the lab are working towards developing technologies to meet the global energy challenges and opportunities. They are helping the Fort Collins community develop a large-scale demonstration of Smart Grid technology, and developing systems and controls that will help increase the amount of renewable and distributed power that the City's electric grid is capable of effectively utilizing. Read more

The City of Fort Collins and Colorado State University share an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) for the new CSU on-campus stadium. This agreement was created based on the CSU Multi-Purpose, On-Campus Stadium Mitigation Needs and Recommendations report released by the City. City staff were asked to assess and inform City Council of the potential impacts of the new stadium and the costs associated with those impacts. Read more

The CSU Center for Public Deliberation (CPD) was established in 2006 and serves as an impartial resource for the northern Colorado community to assist in community problem solving. In collaboration with City staff, the CPD's students host "Community Issues Forums" four times a year. Read more

This project is a joint effort between CSU, Larimer County and USDA-APHIS to reintroduce Yellowstone bison to Soapstone Prairie Natural Area using cutting edge assistive reproductive techniques developed by CSU. Read more

The City's Natural Areas and Real Estate Services Departments are working with CSU to craft a permanent easement for certain CSU activities related to the Aggie "A" on Maxwell Natural Area. CSU currently has a 99-year lease (expiring in 2022) for the limited purpose of giving access to maintain the "A". However, CSU's use of the "A" has expanded over the years to include not only yearly maintenance of the "A" (painting), but the annual freshman hike to the "A" during Ram Welcome and the lighting of the "A" during homecoming. Read more