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Residential Parking Permit Program (RP3) For CSU Stadium Events

Several neighborhoods near the university have instituted the Game Day Residential Parking Permit Program (RP3). Parking is restricted in those neighborhoods and cars parked without a permit will be ticketed and towed. These zones are signed for permit parking only and as tow-away zones.

Enforcement will be in effect during the below events:

Date (2018) Game Kick-Off Parking Enforcement
Saturday, August 25 Hawaii 5:30 p.m. 2:30p – end of game
Saturday, September 8 Arkansas 5:30 p.m. 2:30p – end of game
Saturday, September 22 Illinois State 1 p.m. 10a – end of game
Saturday, October 13 New Mexico 2 p.m. 11a – end of game
Friday, October 26 Wyoming 8 p.m. 5p – end of game
Saturday, November 17 Utah State 12 p.m. 9a – end of game

Towing Info:

If you think your vehicle has been towed, please contact the following towing companies:

  • Choice Towing 970-482-0159
  • Crossroads Towing 970-419-8697
  • Import Auto 970-568-6410
  • Schmer’s Towing 970-226-6558
  • Scott’s towing 970-482-9809

Limited public parking is available at MAX park and rides and at Downtown parking structures for attendees planning on taking MAX to the game. Visit for locations of MAX park and rides. For information about parking provided by CSU for football games, please visit

Residential parking Permit Program (RP3) for CSU Stadium Events

In order to prevent unnecessary traffic and preserve neighborhood livability, RP3 for stadium events will restrict parking in participating neighborhoods to permitted residents and their guests. It will be activated for CSU football games and any other stadium event anticipating greater than 12,000 attendees. Signage will be posted with an informational phone number and website for motorists to confirm whether or not an event is taking place with associated residential parking restrictions.

A Residential Parking Permit Program (RP3) for CSU stadium events was recently initiated and voted in favor of by residents of the following neighborhoods:

  • Sheeley (zone 2)
  • Mantz (zone 3)
  • Old Fort Collins High School (zone 6)
  • Western Heights (zone 9)
  • Lake (zone 10)
  • Gilgalad Way

Signs will be placed in these neighborhoods throughout the summer and will be installed before the first CSU Stadium Event (First football game will be held August 26, 2017)

Letters will be sent to each household providing information regarding program details, permits and enforcement.

For questions please contact:
Jamie Moyer

Standards For A Stadium Events RP3 Zone
  • RESTRICTION. Non-permitted vehicles will not be allowed to park within the established boundary during the day of the event.
  • FINE. $100 fine will be issued for non-permitted vehicles.
  • PERMITS. Each residential household and commercial property will receive two parking permits free of charge.
  • GUEST PERMITS. Each permitted household may request up to two guest permits free of charge.
  • SIGNS. Signs will be posted at the entrance to zones and on each block
Creating A Stadium Events RP3 Zone
  • OCCUPANCY. The city will survey parking occupancy in a proposed RP3 area to verify a parking problem during stadium events. In order to do this and implement the program, no new zones can be implemented until the second season (2018-19) the stadium is open.
  • PETITION FOR INCLUSION. The neighborhood provides a petition to the City with at least 10 resident signatures.
  • NEIGHBORHOOD MEETING. A neighborhood meeting will be held where the City will work with the neighborhood to determine zone boundaries and answer questions.
  • PUBLIC NOTIFICATION. A variety of communication tools will be employed to allow public comment on the creation of a zone.
  • PROPERTY OWNERS VOTE. Approval of a zone requires greater than 50% of vote participants to vote in favor of establishing the RP3 zone.
  • IMPLEMENTATION. If the neighborhood votes in favor of establishing an RP3 zone, then signs will be installed and permits will become available.