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Our Climate Future Reports#

2021-2022 Our Climate Future Update#

link to latest carbon inventory report

The City of Fort Collins is excited to share an update on Our Climate Future (OCF) progress, including the 2021 Community Carbon Inventory, renewable electricity and waste reduction progress, and highlights from OCF's work on community partnership and climate resilience. For more information about the state of climate action in Fort Collins, please visit

The Inventory is used to track progress on the goals of OCF that are to be 50% below 2005 levels of greenhouse gas emissions by 2026, 80% by 2030, and carbon neutral by 2050. The 2021 Inventory shows that as a community, Fort Collins is 24% below 2005 levels. 

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Our Climate Future#

Our Climate Future

Our Climate Future (OCF) is a comprehensive plan to simultaneously address climate, energy, and waste goals while improving our community’s equity and resilience. OCF articulates an unwavering commitment to mitigating and adapting to climate change with a people-first systems-approach.

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2021 Municipal Sustainability & Adaptation Report#

The City of Fort Collins, as an organization, leads our community by example in greenhouse gas reduction goals. As of 2020, GHG emissions are 44% below the 2005 baseline, exceeding the 2020 target of 20% GHG reductions. Municipal energy efficiency projects, programs, and energy code improvements have helped reduce City-produced emissions. 

This report also outlines the goals and highlights of the City's Municipal Sustainability and Adaptation Plan, including:

  • We are resilient
  • We are a world class workplace
  • We are carbon neutral
  • Our public lands thrive
  • We are water smart
  • We are zero waste

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