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a street scene filled with people enjoying their neighborhood

Guiding Principles for Our Climate Future#

Our Climate Future (OCF) recognizes that people must be at the center of the work of responding to a rapidly changing climate. The OCF Big Moves are community-defined priorities with strategies that rely on the skills and passion of the residents and businesses of Fort Collins. Putting people first means clearly stating how and why local government must lead climate work in an equitable way. These OCF Guiding Principles sum up how both social and environmental efforts must work together to build a fair and just climate future for all. 

We all share responsibility for Our Climate Future. Responding to the ongoing climate emergency requires shared leadership between businesses, community organizations, government, and residents. 

Injustices have the same root cause. Exploiting people and nature causes environmental injustice, racial injustice, and climate disruption. 

Governments are accountable for injustice. The City of Fort Collins, and other governments, have an obligation to help correct past and ongoing harms by investing in the most impacted communities. 

People know what they need. The most impacted people are best able to define successful solutions. OCF listens to and trusts what they say is needed.  

Equitable solutions are best. Solutions to limit and respond to climate disruption should also address equity and fairness.