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Guide to Starting a STR#

Download the "Guide for Operating a Short-Term Rental (STR) in the City of Fort Collins" to learn the basics, view FAQs, requirements including links to applications, and steps to applying.

Download the Guide

Short-Term Rental Zoning Map#

Short-term rental zoning map
There are two types of STRs, Primary and Non-Primary. The map indicates where these types are allowed.  The green areas indicate only Primary STRs and the yellow areas indicate both Primary and Non-Primary STRs. The zones with no color indicate where STRs are prohibited.

Am I in a zone that allows STRs?

Verify Your Zone

Required Documents:

  • Business name (LLC not required, first and last name are ok to use)
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Proof of Personal Liability Insurance Coverage
  • For Primary STRs – Proof of Residence
  • For Primary STRs – A signed Primary Residence Affidavit
  • STR application (this is an online application)
  • Self-Inspection Checklist
  • Sales and Lodging Tax License Application (these are online applications)
  • $150 non-refundable application fee (payable online via e-check or credit card)

Required Information:

  • Mailing Address of owner and STR property address
  • Local Contact Information (must be able to assist at property if needed within 4 hours of a call)
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Photos and description of rentable space
  • Number of off-street parking spaces
  • Ensure there are no expired building permits on property
  • Ensure your HOA covenants allow STRs

Ordinance No. 108 has been approved. This action prohibits STRs in multifamily building (3 or more units) that do not meet the R1 building standards. Staff is working with license holders that that had licenses prior to this action. No new STR licenses will be issued in multifamily unless the building meets R1 codes.

Following the May 2019 work session, City staff has worked to inspect multi-family STR units in an effort to inform code amendments to address safety concerns. Council will consider these amendments at the August 20th regular Council meeting. Additional amendments will include decriminalizing STR offenses and clarifying some of the code language (i.e. 30 days is intended to mean 30 calendar days.)

Short Term Rental Ordinance No. 108
Discussion Summary

A Council work session is scheduled for May 28, 2019 to consider short-term rentals in multifamily buildings. The PDF memo below gives a high level overview.

View Memo

Council has opted to delay a decision on short term rentals in multifamily buildings. A work session on the topic is now scheduled for May 28, 2019. If you have questions please contact Ginny Sawyer at

Multiple City departments and Poudre Fire Authority have been working through code and safety issues related to STRs in multi-family units. Based on these conversations the proposal below is being developed. Staff anticipates conducting public outreach and Board outreach in February followed by a Council policy discussion on March 26. This site will continue to be updated as more details become available.

Proposed change:

All STRs could be classified as primary residential use (per the International Building Code) in multi-family buildings as long as the number of STRs remains at 25% or less of total units. Triplexes would be allowed one STR unit.

If any building wishes to exceed 25%, the building would need to comply with R1 standards. These are standards outlined in the International Building Code and apply to buildings with high transitory occupancy (i.e. hotels, motels.)

All STRs most provide safety and exit information in a conspicuous location within the unit.

Units without a fire sprinkler system could be required to have an on-site safety inspection prior to licensing.

Until a decision is determined through Council action, all STR hosts or developers should operate under the codes as they exist today (no STRs in units with 3 or more dwellings and building to an R1 standard if STRs to be allowed in a new building with 3 or more units.)

As of December 6th 2018, The City of Fort Collins will no longer issue new STR licenses to units that are located in buildings with 3 or more dwelling units, regardless of zoning. A Building and Fire Code issue has come to our attention and staff is working to address these safety concerns. For questions please contact Ginny Sawyer at

* Paper application available upon request. Please send an email to or call 970.221.6780 for more information.