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Administrative Rules and Regulations Governing Short-Term Rentals#

Section 1 - Authority for Rules#

These rules and regulations are authorized by 15-651 of City Code

Section 2 - General#

2.1 - These rules and regulations set forth the terms and conditions under which short-term rentals may operate within the City of Fort Collins.

2.2 - Short-term rentals are subject to the requirements set forth in Article XVIII, Section 15 of the City Code. 

2.3 - Application fee is $150 a year and $100 upon renewal.  These fees are non-refundable. 

2.4 - Refunds will be provided upon proof that the unit has the ADA modifications listed in the checklist below:

  • No entryway stairs or offer access to a portable ramp.
  • Interior first/main floor with no stairs. Level access to living, eating, bathroom, and sleeping area.
  • All doorways on main level must be at least 36 inches wide.
  • No-step shower or shower bench provided. Grab bars are provided.
  • Raised toilet seat.
  • Bed cane/grab bar available for at least one bed in the unit.
  • Minimal carpeting or rugs throughout unit.

Section 3 - Applications and Fees#

3.1 - Permit application fees are $150 with an annual $100 renewal. Fees are non-refundable. 

3.2 - If an application is submitted 30-days prior to or after renewal notices have been sent, applicant will not be subject to a renewal fee. Example: application is submitted on October 15, 2018 renewal notices are sent on November 1, 2018 for following year. Applicant only pays $150 and would be subject to renewal in late 2019. 

3.3 - Applications must be completed within 30-days of submittal. Incomplete applications will be closed after 30-days.

Section 4 - Acceptable Documentation for Proof of Residency#

4.1 - Applicants must submit documentation to support residency.  Documents may include:

  • Driver’s License
  • Motor Vehicle Record
  • Utility Bill Statement (including Cable/SAT/Internet)
  • Bank or credit card statements
  • Voter registration (older than 3 months) 

Exceptions: New owners within 30 days of application must provide documentation within 60 days of license being issued.

4.2 - Applicants must provide Proof of Ownership.

  • Deed
  • County Assessor information 

4.3 - Staff may request additional documentation at any time when conflicting evidence is found.

4.4 - License holders will be required to re-submit required documentation every other year upon renewal.

Section 5 - Self-Certify Requirements#

5.1 - The applicant shall certify that the dwelling unit proposed to be licensed as a short term rental complies with specific sanitation, mechanical, electrical, structural, and fire safety requirements in Chapter 5 of the Code of the City of Fort Collins and listed below:

  • Each sleeping room/area is provided with a window or a door to the exterior for emergency escape, that provides a clear opening of at least 720 square inches, sill height 4ft maximum, and is in good working order
  • All exterior windows are provided with insect screens
  • Each sleeping room/area is provided with a smoke alarm
  • Carbon monoxide detector(s) are installed within 15 feet of any sleeping room/area
  • All interior and exterior stairs are structurally sound and free of trip hazards
  • All deck guardrails and stair handrails are firmly attached and capable of supporting imposed loads and free of defects
  • All bathroom outlets are Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protected
  • All occupied rooms are provided with working electrical outlets and lighting fixtures without the need for extension cords or extended power strips
  • All plumbing fixtures provide sufficient hot and cold water
  • All sidewalks are free of defects and trip hazards
  • Heating system is in sound working order
  • Water heating system is in sound working order
  • Final approvals, inspections have passed, and supporting documents have been received for any work performed requiring a building permit 

5.2 - The Building Official may inspect the dwelling unit proposed to be licensed for purposes of verifying compliance with such requirements and refusal by the applicant to allow such inspection shall be grounds for denial or revoking of the issuance of a license.

Section 6 - Insurance#

6.1 - The applicant must provide proof of liability insurance sufficient to compensate renters for injuries that may be sustained in the dwelling unit proposed to be rented within the coverage limits established in administrative regulations adopted pursuant to § 15-651

6.2 - Coverage must be liability in amounts of $100K for houses and $50K for apartments/townhomes/condos.

6.3 - Coverages in the above amounts, or more, provided through host listing sites is adequate.

Section 7 - Parking Requirements#

7.1 - Short term rentals must provide off-street parking based on the number of bedrooms rented:

Bedrooms Parking Spaces
1–2 1
3–4 2
5–6 3

Off-street parking must be on private property and cannot include tandem parking.

7.2 - If a short-term rental does not have off-street parking and is located within a ¼ mile of an approved parking space that is not required for the parking needs of another development, proof of lease or parking pass for such space is acceptable, provided the space is dedicated for the short-term rental occupant.

7.3 - If a grandfathered property is sold and the new owner would like to continue the short-term rental use they must apply for a STR license within 30-days of sale and they must meet the parking requirements.

Section 8 - Appeals#

8.1 - Appeals must be submitted in person to the Zoning Department at 281 North College Avenue within 14-days of the denial decision. 

8.2 - There is a $25 appeal fee.