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Water Features

The City of Fort Collins has three interactive water features for kids of all ages to enjoy.

The water features located at Spring Canyon Park and Fossil Creek Park are open and free to the public every day in the summer from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Oak Street Plaza Park water feature is open and free to the public every day in the summer from Memorial Day through October 1 (weather permitting). They are all closed through the winter.

Oak Street Plaza Park - Hours during open season 10:00am-10:00pm Oak Street Plaza Park is located in downtown Fort Collins. It is a hardscape, cobblestone area with cafe tables and chairs where people can sit to enjoy a break from shopping, or to sit and chat with their friends. In the summer, it's also a fun spot for families to enjoy, as the kids laugh with delight trying to catch the water as it jumps from the sculpted "rocks' or sprits in the air from the cobblestone. Art in Public Places worked with an artist who created the sculpted "rocks".

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Spring Canyon Park - Hours during open season 9:00am-7:00pm Spring Canyon Park located in southwest Fort Collins at 2626 W Horsetooth Rd is our newest community park. The park features inspiration playground which is an adaptive playground and is one of the most popular playgrounds. The water feature is next to the playground and is activated by three black touch sensors that are located on the floor of the splash pad, sending water jumping from spot to spot and squirting into the air; much to the enjoyment of the kids at play.

For Your Information Our water features are maintained with the same strict guidelines as those at a public pool. We have several staff members who are Certified Pool Operators and water is checked several times a day to ensure it is safe for play. If the readings indicate the need, the water features are shut down until the water is once again clean and safe.

If the water feature does not seem to be working, please call the Parkshop at 970-221-6660 during normal business hours Monday through Friday. If it is after hours or on a weekend, please call Parks on-call at 970-219-3450.

Fossil Creek Park - Hours during open season 9:00am-7:00pm Fossil Creek Park located in south Fort Collins at 5821 S. Lemay is one of our large community parks. The park offers many amenities, but one of the most popular is the water feature. It has a waterfall to splash through, and various dancing water spouts. It is nestled by the lake at the waters edge, with large boulders and natural features, so it feels as if it's a part of the lake.