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Neighborhood Night Out - October 6, 2020#

Neighborhood Night Out - October 6, 2020

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Neighborhood Night Out 2020 will be postponed to Tuesday, October 6th at the recommendation of the National Night Out program coordinators due to COVID-19. 

2020 is a year of change. With COVID-19 limiting the size of social gatherings, many events look and feel different than in years past. Neighborhood Night Out is no exception. This year, Neighborhood Night Out on October 6th is an opportunity to show support for your neighbors and community.

The City of Fort Collins is asking neighbors to connect in a way that gets back to the roots of National Night Out as a demonstration of safe streets. You can turn on your porchlights and take a stroll around the block to get to know the people in your neighborhood. Recognizing the folks who live near you helps improve neighborhood safety. Getting to know neighbors’ names and families also builds communication channels so you know who you can ask for help if you need it. Neighborhoods can provide flashlights for children and the young at heart for an evening flashlight safari to look for local wildlife.

If your neighborhood usually connects on Neighborhood Night Out with a potluck or ice cream social, shift to providing individual, pre-packaged snacks and providing plenty of hand sanitizer this year. Neighbors are also encouraged to host events with educational or community service activities. Ideas for activities to complement parties and address environmental and social sustainability are available in the City's Sustainable Neighborhoods Projects. 

No visits by elected officials, Police Services, Poudre Fire Authority, or City Staff are scheduled for Neighborhood Night Out 2020. 

If you would like to let the City of Fort Collins know how your neighborhood is celebrating Neighborhood Night Out, register your event today.

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