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Neighborhood Night Out - August 7, 2018

Neighborhood Night Out - August 7, 2018

Neighborhood Night Out is an opportunity to celebrate one of the many things that makes Fort Collins such a great place to live - your neighbors and community!

Neighborhoods across Fort Collins host block parties, cookouts, field events, pool parties, musical groups, kid-friendly activities, bike parades, and more! The night is geared towards community building and safety. The City of Fort Collins encourages neighbors to get together for events large and small!

Planning Your Event

  1. Talk with your neighbors so you have help with planning, advertising, and organizing the event - the more the merrier!
  2. Decide what event you want to have: a block party, cookout or potluck, ice cream social, bike parade, or something else that works for your neighborhood!
  3. Pick a time and a place. The most common choice is someone's yard, a "closed" street, or a nearby park.
    • Remember, if you want to block off any public street you will need to complete a special event permit.
  4. Register your event with Neighborhood Services, by July 23.
    • Online registration is open! Please call our office if you need help with registering  your event - (970) 224-6046
    • By registering you will receive a goodie-bag with complimentary items for the event and your event will be added to a map of all NNO events. The map will be given to police, fire, and City Councilmembers for potential visits.
  5. Think about applying for a neighborhood grant which can offset costs by up to $400.
  6. Spread the word - invite your neighbors to participate!
    • Knock on doors and deliver flyers
    • Include an invitation in your neighborhood or HOA newsletter
    • Get the word out on social media. Include the hashtag #FoCoNightOut
    • Send a message through your neighborhood email distribution group or Nextdoor App
    • Post information on your neighborhood or HOA website
    You can make free copies of your flyers and invitations at our office during normal business hours, located in 281 North College Avenue, upstairs.
  7. Encourage neighbors to bring something to the event:
    • Lawn chairs, potluck items, BBQ grills, ice cream toppings, and their own plates, cups, bowls, and utensils (to avoid disposables and creating a lot of trash).
  8. Other ideas for you: If you have a neighborhood fire station, invite them directly. Try creating a "contact map" of the neighborhood so everyone has emergency numbers for each household.
  9. If you plan to use your neighborhood park for your event, please complete a park use form and fax it to Parks at 970-221-6849. You may call them at 970-221-6660 for more information.