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Building Permit Process + FAQ#

Step 1: Preparehighlight_off
  • Do I need a permit?
    • Yes in most cases.
    • Some work is exempt   
  • How much will a permit cost?
    • Some permits have flat fees, others are based on the valuation of the project.
    • Permit Fees
  • Can I do the work myself? 
    • Homeowners may perform work on their primary primary residence only, if it is a single family, detached, home. Building permits and inspections are required. 
  • Can I hire someone? 
    • All contractors and subcontractors hired to perform work must be locally licensed for the type work being done and must be insured. This is verified prior to permit issuance.  To confirm that your contractor/subcontractors are locally licensed and insured, contact: 970-416-2740
  • Check the floodplain maps 
    • Buildings and alterations to buildings located in with a floodplain may have specific requirements and limitations. 

Step 2: Submit for Permithighlight_off
  • What format is needed to submit documents? 
  • What do I need to submit?
  • Where do I submit for permit? 
    • E-mail all required documents to:
    • For Over-The-Counter permit types submit here
      • (Typically processed within 72hrs)  
      • Over the Counter permits are only offered for: 
        • Electrical work only
        • Gas/Wood Burning Appliances
        • Lawn Sprinkler Backflow Preventer
        • Plumbing only
        • Water Heater
        • HVAC (Furnace/ Air Conditioner, etc.)
        • Roofing
  • Can multiple structures or units/suites be submitted on one permit? 
    • Each independent structure requires a separate permit which simplifies inspections and public records.
    • Only one address can be assigned to a permit. I.e. commercial units/suites should each have a separate permit unless units are being combined and assigned a new address.
  • I sent in my submittal. What happens next?
    • Projects will be checked for completeness. 
      • If submittals are incomplete you will be contacted to provide additional information. 
      • Complete submittals are uploaded into the permit system and routed for review (see next step). 
  • Can I start my project as soon as my permit is submitted?
    • No. Once your permit is issued and approved, work can start (see step 4). 

Permit Fees

Step 3: Review Processhighlight_off

What is a Review? The design, plans and documents you submitted will be checked before the permit is issued and construction begins. Most projects require a review.

Why Review? Reviews address code at the design phase which reduces costly re-construction and failed inspections by reviewing for compliance prior to construction. 

Who Reviews? The project is reviewed by many City Departments for compliance with building codes, land use code, zoning, historic, flood plain, and other project specific requirements.

How will I know when the review is complete? The permit applicant will receive an email indicating either:

1. "Resubmittal Requested" (see below)


2.  Review is Complete (see step 4)

I received an e-mail that a "Resubmittal is Requested," does that mean I have to submit for a new permit or start from the beginning? 

No, your permit has not been denied. This just means that:

  1. A reviewer may need additional information, clarification, or has questions about your project. 
  2. or  document/form or specific drawing or a critical detail required for review may be missing/needed.
  3. or Plans need to be revised to meet a critical code item. 

How do I resubmit my plans/documents?

Follow the resubmittal instructions in the email you received. New documents should be named v2 (v=version   #=round of review).

How long will it take to process a resubmittal?

Resubmittals have priority and are typically assigned a two week max turn around after submitted for building code items. You may contact the reviewer directly for questions about their timeline.

How do I check the permit status?#

How do I check the permit status?

Permit Status

  1. Use the Citizen Portal
  2. Under the Building category, select 'Search permits' (see photo above)
  3. Enter the address, permit number or stock plan number (i.e. B180xxxx or SP0xxxx), scroll down to click on 'Search'
  4. Select the permit/project from the list.
  5. Click 'Record Info' for drop down list of options (top left corner)
  6. Select 'Workflow Tasks'
    • No icon = task has not been activated/routed yet (not complete)
    • Hourglass = not completed, in process, or additional items are needed from the applicant.
    • Green check mark = completed task
  7. Click the grey triangle/arrow next to each task to view holds/comments from each reviewer.

Check the Status of a Permit

Step 4: Permit Issuancehighlight_off

When will my permit be Issued?

After all departments/tasks have been signed off, all fees have been paid, and all contractors/subcontractors listed  have been verified to be locally licensed and insured, the permit will be issued. To confirm that a contractor is locally licensed contact: 970-416-2740

How will I know it is ready?

Check the permit status on Citizen Access Portal. For most permits types, the applicant will receive an e-mail notification. 

Will my permit expire?

Yes, inactive permits will expire after 180 days from the date of last recorded activity including: submittal, issuance, or valid building inspection date. Expired permits will become an open violation on the property. 

Step 5: Construction and Inspectionshighlight_off
  • When can I start building?
  • What if I my design changes during construction? 
    • If you need to revise your plans due to significant changes (new layout, altered scope, etc.), submit a revised set of plans as an addendum for review. 

Building Inspections

Step 6: Project Closeouthighlight_off

Step 6: Project Closeout#

1.  Check the permit status:

Record Info /  workflow tasks / click on the small '+' to expand/view individual hold comments.   

2.  Plan time to send in final documents. 

Some tasks have a three week lead timeProject Closeout Guide 

3. Name Building Documents Properly:  Public Records Naming for Final Docs.

4. All inspections must be passed.

5. All departments/tasks must be signed off.

6. Most projects will receive a Letter of Completion or Certificate of Occupancy which can be downloaded from Citizen Access when the project is fully completed.

7. Uncompleted permits will expire. Expired permits become an open violation on the property. 

Footing and Foundation Permit Process

Footing and Foundation permits can be requested at the time of building permit submittal, and can only be issued for: 

  • New Houses Only (Not for: additions, remodels, detached garages, detached habitable space)
  • New Commercial Buildings
  • New Multi-Family Buildings

F&F Policy