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Temporary Use Permits (for community based shelters)#

Frequently Asked Questions#

15 guests (excluding staff)

  • Temp use permits expire are only approved for 180 days.
  • Requests for timeline extensions must be provided to the Chief Building Official in writing. Extensions will not be approved for continuous use as a temporary shelter beyond the TCO limitation (not to exceed 180 days per calendar year)
  • A temp use permit can be re-applied for each year. 

No, a temp use permit only allows for use of the space, it does not include construction.

Construction intended for the community-based shelter requires a separate building permit. 

An additional, separate permit may be required for, but not limited to, any of the following:

  1. Any alteration or installation of framing, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing work.
  2. Any alteration or installation of a fire-rated assembly or fire suppression system.

Commercial Alterations (for layout changes and a scope of work with more than one trade).

Fast Track Permits (for single trade work such as only electric or only plumbing). 

  • No cooking is allowed in the Facility by the overnight guests.
  • Onsite food preparation must be conducted by trained staff in a kitchen that is licensed as a Retail Food Establishment by Larimer County Department of Health & Environment.
  • Alternatively, food may be provided if pre-prepared and supplied by a licensed Retail Food Establishment. 
  • Toilets, showers/baths, and sanitary provisions shall be provided for all overnight guests and staff. 
  • Plumbing fixture requirements shall be subject to approval by the Building Code Official. 
  • If all or some sanitary provisions are not provided on site, a written plan for providing access to them will be required detailing location and transportation.

Temp Use Permit Process#

  1. View the submittal guide for technical requirements.
    • Note: Temp use permits do not allow for construction: If construction (including electric, framing, plumbing etc.) is needed additional building permits will be required (i.e.: for plumbing facilities or electric work).
  2. Submit documents for a temp use permit to
    • All documents must be in PDF format. 
  3. Create a citizen access account  - required 
  4. Review Process:
    • Floodplain, Zoning, Building Inspection Plan Review, and Poudre Fire Authority will review the submitted documents and each department has a review goal of 7 calendar days. The applicant will be notified by e-mail when one of the following occurs:
      • A resubmittal is required for revisions,
        • The applicant will receive an e-mail from the City if a revision is needed. 
      • Or if the permit is ready to issue and fees to be paid. 
  5. Once permit is ready to issue, permit fee can be paid online and the permit will be e-mailed to the applicant listed on the permit application.
  6. Download approved documents from citizen access. These must be on-site at all times including inspection. 
    • Log into citizen access (see #4 above)
      • Go to 'my records' 
        • Go to  "Attachments"
          • Download any and all documents titled "APPROVED"
  7. Schedule the following inspections:
    • Final Building Inspection (this will be the only inspection option)
      • Call 970-416-2740 between 8am-4pm to schedule a inspection with staff
      • or schedule online Citizen Access Portal 
        • Go to 'my records' 
          • Go to  "Inspections"
    • Contact Poudre Fire Authority to schedule a final fire inspection
      • Schedule online through PFA Website
        • Inspection type = Other and type in "Temp-Use Permit"
        • Project Review or Project # = The building permit # provided from building services
        • For questions call: 970-416-2891
  8. Once all inspections are passed, a TCO will be issued.    
  9. The Temporary Certificate of Occupancy for temp use will expire in 180 days from issuance, and can be re-applied for each year with a new application submittal.
    • For extension requests, contact Marcus Coldiron:  
    • If changes occur or documents need to change, a new application submittal will need to be made.
      • exception: point of contact change e-mail to update the primary contact
Submittal requirements Permit Fee  Submit

Temp use submittal guide and checklist for community-based shelters

*Submit all documents in PDF format.


Temp use permit application


Email submittal to: