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Social Host

Do you believe that alcohol or marijuana consumption by persons under age 21 is a problem in Fort Collins? Are you satisfied with the level of effort spent by City staff in addressing this issue? there are a growing number of communities who are adopting social host ordinances which hold a party host responsible when underage drinking occurs. In some cases, underage consumption of marijuana also applies. Through our research, we have found numberous ways communities have chosen to enforece these issues. We would like to share this information with you and to get your feedback on whether the City should implement a new social host ordinance. Public meetings on this item will occur February 8, 2016 at the Twinberry Auditorium, Fort Collins Senior Center, 1200 Raintree Drive, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., February 15, 2016 at the Community Room, Harmony Library, 4616 S. Shields Street and March 1, 2016, at Room #386, Lory Student Center, Colorado State University, from 6:00p.m. to 7:30 p.m. For more information on this topic, please visit our website at:

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The City's Development Review Center is experiencing high volumes of development review project submittals at this time. In order to maintain efficient project reviews and provide accurate, timely responses to inquiries, the City is enacting a series of measures related to the submittal process that may impact you as an applicant.

  • Appointments are required for all submittals or resubmittals. Please call the Development Review Center at 970-416-2740 to schedule an appointment time.
  • Only complete submittals are accepted. Consistent with Land Use Code requirements, the submittal will be returned to the applicant if any required materials or application fees are missing or insufficient.
  • All complete applications submitted Monday morning through Wednesday noon will be routed the same week. Submittals received after Wednesday noon will be routed the following week.

Please note that applications received earlier in the week will make it easier for Development Review Center staff to distribute plans to reviewing City departments and other referral agencies.

Building permit applications are accepted at any time during business hours, and without appointment.

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Check Building Permits & Development Review Online

You can check the status of Building Permits, Development Review projects, and also schedule your building inspections online with our Community Services Citizen Access Portal

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Loomis Addition Context

The Loomis Addition comprises fifteen blocks roughly equidistant between downtown Fort Collins and City Park. Along with the West Side Addition directly to its north, the Loomis Addition was the first subdivision to be platted west of the Original Town plat. This context was funded by the State Historical Fund.

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Building News

Please read the latest updates for roofing codes in Fort Collins.
- Roofing Update 2012 Codes
- Roofing Notice Regarding Ice & Water Shield Requirements

For guidelines for converting of a single-family home to an extra occupancy rental house, see our Extra Occupancy Rental House Guide.