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To systematically, creatively, and thoughtfully utilize environmental, human, and economic resources to meet our present needs and those of future generations without compromising the ecosystems on which we depend. The City's Sustainability Services Area consists of Environmental Services, Social Sustainability and Economic Health.

2014 Municipal and Community Greenhouse Gas Progress Reports

The City of Fort Collins reduced its municipal carbon by 12 percent between 2005 and 2014 – a higher rate than that of the overall community, which reduced emissions by 3 percent. 

As outlined in the recently published 2014-2105 Municipal Sustainability Report emissions from City buildings, facilities and vehicles are being lowered in accordance with the goal of reducing carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2020. The City organization has formally adopted the accelerated goal of reducing carbon 80 percent by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050.

See the full 2014-2015 Municipal Sustainability Report.

See the full 2014 Community Climate Action Status Report.

Environmental Services

Spotlight image: Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Department, part of the Sustainability Services Area, supports our community’s values and adopted policy goals by offering programs and services that improve indoor and outdoor air quality; increase recycling and waste diversion; coordinate municipal sustainability activities; undertake environmental data management; and participate in strategic FortZed municipal and community efforts.

Also check out environmental services programs and services across the city at

Social Sustainability

Spotlight image: Social Sustainability

The Department of Social Sustainability allocates federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and local City of Fort Collins funding to housing and human service agencies to meet the needs of low and moderate income citizens; and implements policies promoting and supporting self-sufficiency for low-income citizens. Find out more about the staff, programs, resources, and current news at

Economic Health

Spotlight image: Economic Health

The City of Fort Collins enjoys an economic, social and environmental vitality that many communities envy. The city's Economic Health Office focuses on preserving vitality and promoting economic health. Check out for updates and information on how to connect with Economic Health.

Urban Renewal Authority Assists with Property Reuse, Repurpose

Spotlight image: Urban Renewal Authority Assists with Property Reuse, Repurpose

The City's Urban Renewal Authority, part of the Economic Health Office, assists with redevelopment projects that reuse infill property within the City limits. The URA helps developers with financial hurdles and their contribution to the community's overall long-term economic and environmental health.

Most recently, the URA Board of Commissioners has approved an agreement with the developers of Prospect Station. Find out more about the URA.

About Sustainability Services

Spotlight image: About Sustainability Services

Approved by City Council in November 2011 and completed in 2012, the City of Fort Collins finalized a reorganization that combined the Economic Health, Environmental Services, and Social Sustainability departments under one umbrella--the Sustainability Services Area. The City of Fort Collins is among the first, if not the first municipality, to structure all three components under one service area.

The change enables the Sustainability Services Area to increase cooperation with the Fort Collins community, in pursuit of innovative alliances and continued improvements in the areas of economic health, environmental services, and social sustainability (a concept known as the "Triple Bottom Line"). <more>

The Social Sustainability Department is led by Director Joe Frank. The overarching goal of Social Sustainability is to have a positive impact on socio-economic needs such as poverty, homelessness, health, education, and jobs.

Director Josh Birks leads the Economic Development Department and follows the Economic Health Strategic Plan, which guides the department's priorities. With a focus on partnership, creating economic opportunities, and preserving our unique quality of place, the Economic Development Department works to prioritize business retention and expansion, incubation, and business attraction.

Heading the Environmental Services Department is Director Lucinda Smith. Environmental Services focuses on improving outdoor and indoor air quality, waste reduction and recycling, coordinating municipal sustainability activities, and providing environmental data management.


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