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Municipal Sustainability and Adaptation Goals#

Municipal sustainability action plan

We are Resilient: City operations are prepared for and adapt to climate change and disruptive events of all scales.

  • The City will manage assets, infrastructure, services and staff to be resilient.
  • City staff are prepared and supported to respond and recover from disruptive events.

Our Public Lands Thrive: Our public lands support a healthy ecosystem and are resilient to climate and growth pressures.

  • Our municipal public lands are healthy and resilient.

We Are Water Smart: We sustainably manage our water resources and lead Colorado in water efficiency.

  • The City's outdoor water use will be water efficient to meet our community-wide goal.
  • Indoor water use in municipal buildings incorporate efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances that reduce water demand.
  • Our systems for delivering, treating and distributing water are efficient.
Municipal sustainability action plan goals and objectives

We Are Zero Waste: We responsibly manage materials throughout the life cycle of products and services to achieve waste reduction outcomes.

  • City operations adopt and implement policies that maximize the positive social, economic and ecological impacts of City purchaes of services and goods.
  • Employees sustainably utilize products and services to maximize value and reduce the City's overall consumption.
  • City operations recycle and reduce impacts of disposable waste.

We are Carbon Neutral: Our transportation systems, energy production and facilities lead the nation in sustainable design and resource efficiency.

  • The City's transportation systems and equipment are resilient are efficient to reduce vehicle miles traveled and emissions.
  • The City's energy system is 100% renewable and efficient.
  • The City's facilities and assets are sustainably designed and retrofitted for energy efficiency, longevity, and resilience.

We Are a World Class Workplace: The City is a high performing and resilient organization that has a culture of operational sustainability.

  • The City supports and fosters healthy, productive and resilient employees.
  • The City is a safe and healthy place to work.
  • The City operates in a way that allows us to lead by example to ensure achieving its sustainability and resiliency goals.

View the Municipal Sustainability & Adaptation Plan

Municipal Reports#

Our annual reports include our municipal carbon inventory and progress made on the six goal areas of the Municipal Sustainability and Adaptation Plan (see above).  The City of Fort Collins, as an organization, leads our community by example in greenhouse gas reduction goals. As of 2022, the City's municipal inventory is 24% below 2005 levels! Key drivers of reductions include cleaner electricity and increased energy efficiency. 

The following is a list of all the prior year Municipal Reports.  For a complete list of all the Climate Action reports visit the Climate Action Reports Page.