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Social Sustainability

Homelessness - Information & Resources#

Current Shelter & Services#

Current Shelter & Services

Currently, the Rescue Mission serves overflow men while Catholic Charities serves overflow women and families, and both shelters provide three meals to those staying with them overnight. For men who do not receive a bed at the Rescue Mission, meals are given out at the Murphy Center each afternoon. As of June 1, the Murphy Center has reopened and is providing indoor services, as detailed in the information sheet linked below

Current Services Flyer (English & Spanish/Espanol)

Murphy Center Hours (English & Spanish/Espanol)

Homelessness Advisory Committee 2.0#

In November of 2020, a sub-group of the Homelessness Advisory Committee (HAC) was convened, made up of committee members who volunteered to continue and build on the work of the first HAC, plus additional strategic partners.

The committee, referred to as HAC 2.0, has been asked to consider key questions and deliver recommendations to the City Manager. This phase of committee work builds on the findings from HAC 1.0 by starting at the major point of consensus around the need for a 24/7 shelter in our community and refining the areas that needed more deliberation and details for next steps.

The committee is focusing on four Key Questions for Consideration:  

  1. What amenities and services should be co-located with a 24/7 shelter?
  2. Where can a new 24/7 homeless shelter be located?
  • What trade-offs will exist?
  • How can impacts be addressed and mitigated?
    • What type of engagement is needed?
  • What funding considerations are recommended?
  • The committee is expected to deliver a final report in Q2 of 2021.

    Committee Website

Homeless Resource Guide - COVID-19 Updates#

Homeless Resource Guide - COVID-19 Updates

The Homeless Resource Guide is now being managed by a partnership between SummitStone Health Partners, Homeward Alliance, and Outreach Fort Collins. For more information, please contact

The current iteration of the Homeless Resource Guide is being utilized as a regional tool for the Northern Colorado Continuum of Care and in partnership with the United Way of Larimer County.

Please visit the Homeward Alliance website for the most up-to-date guide:

Homeless Resource Guide, COVID Updates

Outreach Fort Collins#

Outreach Fort Collins

Outreach Fort Collins is community-driven outreach to maintain our downtown as a safe and welcoming place while connecting our community's most vulnerable to the services and supportive networks they need.

2020 Year in Review

Outreach Fort Collins

Homeward 2020#

Homeward 2020

Homeward 2020 was a collaborative, strategic think-tank guiding implementation of Fort Collins’ 10-Year Plan to Make Homelessness Rare, Short-Lived and Non-Recurring by setting priorities, developing alignment and action plans, and suggesting policy from 2009-2020.

In 2020, following implementation of the final phase of Fort Collins 10-Year Pan, Homeward 2020 capitalized on the organization’s decade of disciplined research and system development, application of key evidence-based models, data collection, consultation with local and national experts, and ongoing, collaborative community work to create a final report and recommendations.

Homeward 2020 Final Report

Questions or Comments?#

Brittany Depew, Homelessness Response & Solutions Lead Specialist or 970-221-6595