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Discount Programs, Rebates and Services

The City of Fort Collins is committed to a high-quality, safe community with equal access to services. As part of that mission of providing exceptional service for an exceptional community, the City offers numerous discounts, rebates, and services for qualifying citizens – including a grocery tax rebate, reduced fees for Recreation classes, free indoor air quality assessments, and many more. Use the table or search below to learn more.

Download the full list of discount services offered by the City

Benefit Details Who Qualifies Service Area
Adopt-A-Neighbor Program Adopt-A-Neighbor Program coordinates with volunteers to provide snow shoveling for Fort Collins residents who are physically unable to do so and cannot afford to hire someone. City Residents with Physical Limitations Neighborhood Services
Citizen Police Academy Citizen Police Academy is a no cost 11-week program aimed at giving community members and inside look at local law enforcement. Adults Police Services
ClimateWise ClimateWise is a free, voluntary program dedicated to helping local businesses and the environment. Businesses are provided with free technical assesments, public recognition, employee engagement and education, as well as networking opportunities. Businesses and Nonprofits Utilities
Colorado State Historic Tax Credits Assistance Assistance with Colorado State Historic Tax Credits. Receive 25% back of all approved costs, in the form of a dollar-for-dollar state income tax credit, for work on both the interior and exterior of designated resources. Any unused credit may be carried forward for ten years. Owners of Designated Landmarks or Buildings in Historic Districts Historic Preservation
Community Mediation Community Mediation uses professionally trained and certified mediators to help neighbors come together in a neutral setting to resolve disputes in a way that fosters creativity, communication, and compromise. City Residents Neighborhood Services
Competitive Grants Competitive grant funding for qualified uses by eligible nonprofit agencies and low income housing providers. Federal, State, and City dollars available. Qualified Nonprofits and Housing Providers Social Sustainability
Design Assistance Program The Design Assistance Program offers $2,000 towards the expertise of qualified consultants to develop compatible exterior designs for homes in Fort Collins’ historic and older neighborhoods. Property Owners in Designated Areas Historic Preservation [#5]
Dial-A-Ride Dial-A-Ride is a door-to-door paratransit service for individuals who, because of a disability, are prevented from using Transfort. People with DIsabilities Transfort / Dial-a-Ride
Drainage and Flood Protection Site Visits Free site visits to assist property owners with drainage issues and flood protection. Staff offers suggestions on ways to improve drainage and how to protect the property from flood damage. Call 970-221-6700 for more information. Business and Residential Property Owners Utilities [#5]
Fall Clean Up CSU Sponsored Program: Fall Clean Up is a once-a-year program in which CSU students & staff assist qualifying Fort Collins neighbors with outdoor yard work. Typically scheduled for October/November. Low Income Seniors, People with DIsabilities, or Physically Limited Persons Neighborhood Services
Free Home Efficiency Assessment uhep utilityThe Larimer County Conservation Corps (LCCC) has partnered with Fort Collins Utilities to offer services for qualified residents and products to improve your home’s efficiency at no extra cost. Qualified Utilities Customers Utilities [#3] [#4]
Free Indoor Air Quality Assessments Free Indoor Air Quality Assessments are performed by certified Master Home Educators to help families ensure and improve the air quality of their homes. Includes a free radon test kit. Residents Environmental Services Department [#7]
Grocery Sales Tax Rebate Qualifying residents will receive a rebate for sales tax paid on food during the previous year. Approved applicants may receive up to $56 per person in their household. Low Income Individuals and Families Financial Services [#1]
Home Efficiency Audit and Upgrades uhepReduce costs and increase the comfort of your home. A qualified Efficiency Works auditor will inspect your home, install limited energy and water saving devices, and provide a prioritized list of recommendations. An Energy Advisor will help you select a contractor and understand available rebates. Qualified Homeowners/Utilities Customers Utilities [#4]
Home Efficiency Loan Program Receive financing for energy efficiency and solar PV loans through Elevations Credit Union. Loans range from $500-$25,000 and can cover up to 100% of the project cost. Qualified Utilities Customers Utilities [#4]
Homebuyer Assistance Homebuyer Assistance (HBA) is designed to help cover a portion of the required down payment and closing costs for buyers who have not been on title to a home for the past three years. Income Qualified Buyers Social Sustainability [#6]
Landmark Rehabilitation Loan Program Landmark Rehabilitation Loan Program ensures the quality and integrity of designated historic resources in Fort Collins. The maximum loan amount for any project is $7,500 with zero percent interest. Repayment on loans only due to the City when property is sold or transferred. Owners of Designated Historic Properties Historic Preservation [#5]
Landmark/Historic District Free Consultations Free Professional Advice and Free Assistance Preparing Applications. Complimentary, no-obligation consultations may be arranged with architects, preservation contractors and structural engineers, to provide expert advice on design and construction issues affecting historic buildings. Owners of Designated Landmarks or Buildings in Historic Districts Historic Preservation
Lighting Efficiency Discounts uhepFort Collins Utilities and Platte River Power Authority are partnering with local retailers to offer discounted pricing on Energy Star qualified LEDs, select dimmers and occupancy sensors. Residents Utilities [#4]
Low Cost Radon Testing Kits The City of Fort Collins provides radon-testing kits at a discounted rate of $5 for short-term and $18 for long-term kits. Available at the Senior Center or Fort Collins Development Review Center. Residents Environmental Services Department
Medical Assistance Program Qualifying households requiring medically necessary electrical equipment or air conditioning may receive a utility bill discount on electric cost. Low Income Utilities Customers with Eligible Medical Equipment Utilities [#3] [#7]
Neighborhood Grants Neighborhood Grants will be awarded between $25 to $500 for events that foster positive neighboring activities. Grants will be awarded three times throughout the year. City Residents Neighborhood Services
Neighborhood Night Out Neighborhood Night Out occurs the first Tuesday of August. Hosting neighborhoods will be provided t-shirts and a goody bag to assist with hosting the event. City Residents Neighborhood Services
Party Registration The Party Registration is a cooperative effort between CSU and City of Fort Collins to provide party hosts with a warning, providing a 20-minute window to voluntarily terminate a party, after a noise complaint is received. City Residents Neighborhood Services
Payment Assistance Obtain financial help to pay your utility bill if it is past due. Assistance may be received once per year. Utilities Customers Utilities [#3]
Property Tax or Rent Rebate Qualifying renters will be rebated an amount equal to 1.44% of the total rent payments made in 2014. Only the portion of rent you personally paid is eligible. Property owners will be rebated the amount of tax levied by the City for 2014. Low Income Seniors and People with Disabilities Financial Services [#5]
Recreation Adaptive Recreation Opportunities Adaptive Recreation Opportunities provides equal opportunity to coordinate with licensed therapeutic specialists to determine the proper recreation programs that accomodates and fits your needs. People with DIsabilities Recreation
Reduced Fee Program The reduced fee program provides discounts on class registration and facilities fees for people who demonstrate financial need. Low Income Individuals and Families Recreation [#2]
Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling Rebate applianceGet paid to save energy. Recycle your old refrigerator or freezer and receive a $35 bill credit. Plus, we’ll arrange to have it hauled away for free. Utilities Customers (electric) Utilities [#8]
Residential Clothes Washer Rebates uhepReceive a $50 bill credit for purchasing an Energy Star high-efficiency clothes washer. Qualified Utilities Customers Utilities [#4]
Residential Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling Rebate Receive a $35 bill credit for recycling your old refrigerator or freezer through Fort Collins Utilities. Unit must be pciked up by Utilities. Qualified Utilities Customers Utilities
Residential Showerhead Rebates uhepReceive a $10 bill credit for purchasing a WaterSense showerhead. Utilities Customers (water) Utilities [#4]
Residential Toilet Rebates Receive a bill credit when you replace your old toilet with a WaterSense labeled model. Receive a $50 rebate for toilets for 1.1 gallon or less per flush (qualified dual flush toilets eligible). Utilities Customers (water) Utilities [#9]
Restorative Justice The Restorative Justice Conferencing Program (RJCP) provides an alternative for young offenders (10-17) to avoid the traditional criminal justice system by requiring them to participate in a community conference. Youth Offenders Aged 10-17 Neighborhood Services
RESTORE The RESTORE Program provides an opportunity for young people (10-17) who have shoplifted to better understand that circumstances and impact of their offense through a group setting. Youth Offenders (shoplifting specific) Aged 10-17 Neighborhood Services
Santa Cops Santa Cops is a holiday outreach program designed to provide positive interaction between law enforcement individuals and children throughout Larimer County. Children Police Services
Solar Rebates Receive a rebate for the installation of a new photovoltaic system and bill credits for returned electricity. Qualified Utilities Customers Utilities
Sprinkler Equipment Rebates uhepNew technology is available to help make sprinkler systems more water-efficient. Fort Collins Utilities offers rebates on qualifying equipment Utilities Customers (water) Utilities [#4]
Sprinkler System Audits uhepA free sprinkler audit can show you how to save water by using your sprinkler system more effectively. Participants receive a system evaluation and watering schedule. Scheduling begins in May. Utilities Customers (water) Utilities [#4]
State Historical Fund Grants State Historical Fund Grants are awarded to preservation projects that demonstrate public benefit and community support. Examples of projects include restoration of historic buildings, preservation planning studies, and education and training programs. Owners of Designated Landmarks Historic Preservation
Transfort Disabled & Senior Pass Discounted Transfort ride passes for seniors and those with disabilities. People With Disabilities, Seniors Transfort
Transfort Free Rides Youths and CSU students, faculty and staff are offered complimentary rides. Youth; CSU Students, Faculty and Staff Transfort / Dial-a-Ride
Utilities Affordability Portfolio Fort Collins Utilities collaborates at state and local levels to offer a comprehensive portfolio of affordability programs to customers. Qualified Utilities Customers Utilities
Utility Rebate Qualified residents can receive a rebate for a portion of the utilities they paid to the City of Fort Collins in 2014. The amount paid on this rebate depends on the types of services provided to your address by the City of Fort Collins. Low Income Seniors and People with Disabilities Financial Services [#3]
Victim Assistance Victim Assistance program provides aid to innocent persons who suffer physical, emotional, or financial loss as a result of a crime of violence. Victims of Violent Crimes Police Services
Xeriscape Incentive Program uhepThe Xeriscape Incentive Program features free educational workshops and online resources to help residents create an attractive, low water-using landscape. Eligible Fort Collins Utilities customers can receive a rebate of 75¢ per square foot. Utilities Customers (water) Utilities [#4]
Youth Police Academy Youth Police Academy is a 5 day camp for high school students to introduce them to police work. PSD Students Grades 9-12 Police Services
Zero Interest Air Quality Loans Zero interest loans are available for radon mitigation, mold remediation, and fireplace or wood stove upgrades. The maximum loan amount is $10,000 depending on the type of improvement. Projects may be combined. Homeowners and Rental Property Owners Environmental Services Department [#5] [#7]