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Social Sustainability

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Equity and Inclusion

Noticed the Colorful Banners?

Multilingual banners

The City’s new ‘We are Fort Collins’ multilingual banners are one of the ways the City is working on our commitment to celebrate diversity and support an inclusive community, where all of our residents and visitors feel valued. The banners are built around the linguistic diversity within Fort Collins and include the 13 languages most spoken here as well as two Native American languages to acknowledge the ancestral language and place name of the area.

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What Does Equity And Inclusion Mean For The City Organization?

As outlined in the City's Social Sustainability Strategic Plan, equity and inclusion are frameworks to accomplish the City's goals of sustaining an environment where residents and visitors feel welcomed, safe, and valued in our community. The goals of equity and inclusion succinctly align with our City Values as we seek to exemplify the highest standards of ethical behavior, provide outstanding service to diverse customer needs, embody a culture of health, safety and wellness, and intentionally find better ways to perform our work.

Why Is It Important?

As a leader in world-class practices and innovation, the City seeks to establish and sustain an environment where every community member may fully participate. Local governments across the nation are confronting inequity within their organizations' practices, policies, and planning efforts in order to increase opportunity for all who live, work and play within their communities.

Local government must be intentional in creating and sustaining inclusivity in its service to the community. We will learn from and work with community collaborators to learn more about inequity within our community. We are also uniquely positioned as a local government to examine the ways in which we do business, evaluating strengths and weaknesses, identifying strategies to improve practices, and sustaining efforts to create and maintain an equitable and inclusive organization for staff and residents alike.

City Goals and Measuring Success

The City seeks to create and sustain an environment where every employee and community member feels that they can bring their whole self to the organization, and that in showing up fully they will be safe and valued – an environment that directly benefits the City’s organizational mission to provide exceptional municipal services. The City seeks to measure equity and inclusion goals internally and externally.

Internal goals include enhancing our recruitment and retention efforts to ensure a municipal workforce that represents community demographics and employee sentiments about inclusivity.

External goals include ensuring representation on boards and commissions across a broad range of demographics, including age, disability, veteran’s status, race, age and socioeconomic status.

How Do I Get Involved With The City’s Efforts?

Contact information:
Janet Freeman
Equity and Inclusion Coordinator