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Protection Order#

What is a Protection Order?#

A protection order is a court order that prohibits a person from "contacting, harassing, injuring, intimidating, molesting, threatening, or touching a protected person". A protection order may also prohibit a person from entering or remaining upon premises, or from coming within a specified distance of a protected person or premises or any other provisions to protect the protected person from imminent danger to life or health."

Who may issue a protection order?#

Any court may issue a protection order as part of proceedings concerning a criminal violation. In addition, the District or County Court may issue civil protection orders.

How can I obtain a protection order?#

If you are the victim of a crime and the perpetrator has been charged, you may request a protection order as part of the criminal proceedings against the perpetrator. Contact FCPS victim services or the Victim Witness Division of the District Attorney's office.

While the City does not provide protection order services, there are many community resources listed below which can and will help you through the process of obtaining a civil protection order. Forms for restraining orders are available through the state court administrator at: 

Community Resources:#

Law Enforcement Agencies:

  • Berthoud Police Department: (970) 531-2611
  • CSU Police Department: (970) 491-6425
  • Estes Park Police Department: (970) 586-4465
  • Fort Collins Police Department: (970) 221-6540
  • FCPS Victim Services Unit: (970) 224-6089
  • Larimer County Sheriff's Office: (970) 498-5100
  • Victim Response Team: (970) 498-5149
  • Loveland Police Department: (970) 667-2151
  • Probation Department: (970) 498-5800
  • Probation Victim Advocate: (970) 493-2323 x217

Other Services:

  • Larimer County Child Services (970) 498- 6900
  • Poudre Valley Hospital (Fort Collins): (970) 495-7000
  • CSU Health Services: (970) 491-7121
  • McKee Medical Center (Loveland): (970) 669-4640
  • United Way 2-1-1 (County-wide referral service): (970) 407-7066
  • Mental Health Center (after hours): (970) 221-2114
  • Connections (Therapy Referral): (970) 221-5551
  • Realities for Children: (970) 484-9090