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General Information#

Fort Collins Police Services is the law enforcement branch of the City government. One of our primary objectives is to provide a safe, secure community environment for all residents. Fort Collins Police serve the community by protecting life and property, preserving peace and order, preventing and detecting crime, enforcing laws and ordinances, and promoting the safe, efficient use of the City's streets and highways. Fort Collins Police Services emphasizes a comprehensive community-oriented policing strategy woven into all we do as the preferred means of addressing community needs.

The department consists of five specialized divisions: Administration, Patrol, Special Operations, Criminal Investigations, and Information Services.

Police Services Statistics:

  • 2024 City population (estimate) = 172,000
  • 2023 Total number of police service incidents = 82,716
  • 2024 Police Services Budget = $62,000,000
  • 2024 Police Services Staffing = 374 authorized
    • 234 sworn personnel
    • 140 professional staff personnel 
Executive Staff

Office of the Chief of Police

Jeff Swoboda, Chief of Police
(970) 221-6550

  • Member of City Executive Leadership Team
  • Manages Police Executive Staff

Administration Division

Greg Yeager, Deputy Chief of Police
(970) 221-6550

  • Chief of Staff
  • Manages Accreditation
  • Manages Crime Analysis Unit
  • Manages Department’s Budget/Finance Office
  • Manages FCPS Basic Police Academy
  • Manages Internal Affairs Unit
  • Manages Personnel & Training Unit
  • Manages Professional Standards Unit

Patrol Division

Frank Barrett, Assistant Chief
(970) 416-2383

  • Manages Community Service Officers
  • Manages Uniformed Police Officers

Special Operations Division

Adam McCambridge, Assistant Chief
(970) 416-2223

  • Manages District One (Old Town Office)
  • Manages Homeless Outreach and Proactive Engagement Team
  • Manages Mental Health Response Team
  • Manages School Resource Officer Unit
  • Manages Strategic Operations Group
  • Manages Traffic Unit
  • Manages Uniformed Specialty Teams (SWAT, K9, Hazardous Device, and Emergency Preparedness)

Criminal Investigations Division

Kristy Volesky, Assistant Chief
(970) 221-6560

  • Manages detective units:
    • Crimes Against Persons Unit
    • Criminal Impact Unit (Fugitives & Repeat/Sex Offenders)
    • Cyber Crimes Unit
    • Forensic Services Unit
    • Property Crimes Unit
    • Special Investigations Unit (Northern Colorado Drug Task Force)
    • Victim Services Unit
  • Manages Property & Evidence Unit

Information Services Division

Justin Allar, Director
(970) 416-2124

  • Manages Fort Collins 911 (Communications Center)
  • Manages Police IT/Technical Projects team
  • Manages Records Unit

Communications and Public Relations Unit

J. Gilmore, Manager
(970) 221-6550

  • Manages Media Team
    • Social Media
    • Press Releases and Crisis Communications
  • Manages Community Outreach and Engagement