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Found & Abandoned Bikes#

The Bike Co-op is contracted by FC Bikes and works to recover, identify and return abandoned bicycles to their rightful owners. Stolen bikes need to be reported to Fort Collins Police Services and a stolen property report completed to allow the Bike Co-op to match recovered bikes with their owners.

After the appropriate impound period, unclaimed bikes become the property of the Bike Co-op and are utilized locally for the Earn-A-Bike and other charity programs. All bikes that cannot be refurbished are recycled to keep them out of the landfill.

Fort Collins residents are encouraged to drop off found or abandoned bikes at the Bike Co-op at 1501 N College during open hours. In the event a bicycle cannot be dropped off, please make arrangements with the co-op for one of our volunteers to pick up the bike.

Call the Bike Co-op at 970-484-3804 or e-mail: