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Your Personal Safety

Self-protection is knowing how to avoid being the victim of an attack. By taking a common sense approach to your daily activities and practicing the crime prevention tips that follow, you can minimize your chances of becoming a victim. Remember: You are your first line for protection! You can protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property (But never rate property higher than a human life).

At Home | While Driving | When Walking, Jogging or Out and About

At Home

  • Never open your door to strangers. Use peepholes or look out a window. There is no reason that you have to open the door to anyone. Teach this to everyone in the household.
  • Never let a stranger into your home. If they need to use the phone, tell them that you will make the call for them.
  • Install deadbolts on all exterior doors & use them. Be sure that the screws for the strike plate go at least 3 inches into the doorframe.
  • Lock your windows. If you want to have ventilation, then put in secondary locks.
  • Install photocells for your porch lights (instead of motion sensors). Your lights will go on at night & off in the morning whether you are home or not. Use inexpensive low watt bulbs.
  • If you find that your home has been broken into, don’t go inside. Call 911.
  • Be cautious when entering building/apartment common areas such as laundry rooms, elevators, parking garages, etc. Report inoperative lights & locks.
  • If someone lived in your home before you, have the locks changed.
  • Close your window shades at night & be sure that the landscape around them is trimmed short.
  • Have a telephone extension in your bedroom.
  • List only your first initial & last name on your mailbox, phone book, or door.
  • Do not hide keys under the doormat, in flower pots, or mail boxes.
  • Carry your house keys in your hand before you get to the door.
  • If you receive an obscene and/or threatening phone call, dial *57 immediately, then call police to report it (221-6540).
  • Report any suspicious persons, vehicles, and activities to the police as soon as possible.