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Police Services

Alcohol Enforcement#

The regulation of alcohol sales and service is an important element in the safety of our community. Fort Collins Police Services works to support this by providing free training to licensed liquor retailers and conducting compliance checks.

Compliance checks are conducted by the FCPS Alcohol Enforcement Officer and underage FCPS Explorers. Using their valid driver's licenses, Explorers attempt to purchase alcohol from licensed retailers. Businesses who sell or serve them are notified of the violation. 

Selling alcohol to people under the age of 21 is against the law. Drivers licenses are vertically oriented for everyone under 21, which is a clear indication for servers checking to see if a patron can legally purchase alcohol. 

The penalties for serving an underage person include up to a $5,000 fine or 5-day liquor license suspension for the business. The server is also subject to a citation. Businesses are responsible for providing alcohol service training to staff within 60 days of a liquor hearing. 

The majority of alcohol retailers pass compliance checks, and those who fail are given the opportunity to improve practices and prevent future violations. FCPS supports our local businesses and works to create a collaborative environment that promotes safe, responsible behaviors. The FCPS Alcohol Enforcement Officer provides alcohol service training at no cost to all licensed liquor retailers and staff. To learn more or request this training, please call (970) 416-2634. 

Compliance Checks#


Alta #6130  1113 W. Drake Rd.
Alta #6138  382 E. Mountain Ave.
Austin’s American Grill  100 W. Mountain Ave.
Avogadro’s Number  605 S. Mason St.
Bondi Beach Bar  11 Old Town Sq. #120
C & C Liquor  1501 W. Elizabeth St. D
Cottonwood Liquors  3645 S. College Ave.
Harmony Liquor  115 E. Harmony Rd. #100
JAWS Sushi  1205 W. Elizabeth St. A
Jim’s Wings  1205 W. Elizabeth St. C
Matt’s Place   6013 S. College Ave.
Mo Jeaux’s Bar and Grill  820 City Park Ave.
Mt. Everest Café  1113 W. Drake Rd. #D54
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant #376  3905 S. College Ave.
Pulcinella Pizzeria  1119 W. Drake Rd. #C12
Ram Liquor  1119 W. Drake Rd. #C34
Road 34  1213 W. Elizabeth St. A
Sherpa Grill 2  1501 W. Elizabeth St. #5
Social  1 Old Town Sq. Ste 7
Steak-Out Saloon  152 W. Mountain Ave.
Tecate Grill  1501 W. Elizabeth St. #2
The Lost Cajun  331 S. Meldrum St. Ste 100
The Melting Pot  334 Mountain Ave.
Trailhead Tavern  148 W. Mountain Ave.
West End Pub  1119 W. Drake Rd. #C9
Whetstone Climbing  220 Smokey St.
Yum Yum Social Club  1300 W. Elizabeth St.
7-Eleven #13171A  505 S. Shields St.
Avuncular Bob’s Beerhouse 830 S College Ave
Café Vino  1200 S. College Ave. 
Chili’s Hamburger Bar & Grill  3524 S. College Ave.
Los Tarascos  622 S. College Ave.

JULY 2021

287 Craft Spirits  5846 S. College Ave.
Austin’s American Grill  2815 E. Harmony Rd. Unit D
Bann Thai Fort Collins  2721 Council Tree Ave. #137
Bistro Nautile  150 W. Oak St.
BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse  2670 E. Harmony Rd.
Cambria Suites  2921 E. Harmony Rd.
Cheba Hut  2550 E. Harmony Rd. Ste. 102
Chipper’s Lanes  830 N. College Ave.
Circle K #2744104  4701 S. Lemay Ave.
DC Oakes Brewhouse & Eatery  3581 E. Harmony Rd. Ste. 110
Domenic’s  931 E. Harmony Rd. #3
Fuzzy’s Taco Shop  2909 E. Harmony Rd. #100
Genoa Coffee & Wine  2614 S. Timberline Rd. #101
Hilton Garden Inn FTC  2821 E. Harmony Rd.
Himalayan Bistro  2720 Council Tree Ave. #184
Jay’s Bistro  135 W. Oak St.
Krazy Karl’s Pizza  2620 S. Timberline Rd. Unit D5
Loaf N’ Jug #750810  318 N. College Ave.
Loaf N’ Jug #750827  429 S. Mason St.
Los Chingones  3541 E. Harmony Rd. #110
Masa Hibachi  2400 E. Harmony Rd. Ste 102
Neighborhood Liquor  4631 S. Mason St. Ste. B2
Nimo’s Sushi & Japanese Restaurant  921 E. Harmony Rd. #104
Nori Maki Bar  2842 Council Tree Ave. #173
Old Chicago #50  4709 S. Timberline Rd.
Otto Pint  1100 Oakridge Dr. Unit A
Premier Liquors  1414 E. Harmony Rd. #2
Rally 5  2310 E. Harmony Rd. Ste 101
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers & Brews  701 E. Harmony Rd.
RJ’s Wine & Spirits  4321 Corbett Dr. #100
Safeway Store #1552  1426 E. Harmony Rd.
Sam’s Club #6633  4700 Boardwalk Dr.
Smashburger  2550 E. Harmony Rd. #100
Suehiro Japanese Restaurant  4431 Corbett Dr. #100
Target Store T-2403  2936 Council Tree Ave.
Taste & Savor Wine Bar  3581 E. Harmony Rd. Ste.130
Tasty Harmony  160 W. Oak St.
Texas Roadhouse  4633 S. Timberline Rd.
The Lyric  1209 N. College Ave.
Tokyo Joe’s  3581 E. Harmony Rd. Ste. 150
Uptown Liquors  1833 E. Harmony Rd. #3
Walmart Market #3177  4625 S. Mason St.
Whiskey @ Tony’s Restaurant  224 S. College Ave.
Wingstop of Fort Collins  244 N. College Ave. Ste 135
7-Eleven Store #25290C  4543 Boardwalk Dr.
Café Athens  2842 Council Tree Ave. #149
Hunan Chinese Restaurant  731 E. Harmony Rd. #300
Obstacle Brewing and Grill 4613 S Mason St Ste D1
Ryan’s Sports Bar  925 E. Harmony Rd.
Urban Air Adventure Park  4250 Corbett Dr.

JUNE 2021

7-Eleven Store #26933 970 W. Horsetooth Rd.
Bawarchi 1611 S. College Ave.
Bison Liquors 1015 W. Horsetooth Rd. #101
Café Mexicali 2925 S. College Ave.
Casa Margaritas 1027 W. Horsetooth Rd. Ste. 111
Comet Chicken 126 W. Mountain Ave.
Cottonwood Liquors 3645 S. College Ave.
El Burrito 404 Linden St.
Fast Market #4587 3038 S. College Ave.
Ginger and Baker 359 Linden St.
High Point Bar 146 N. College Ave.
Jax Fish House 123 N. College Ave.
La Luz Mexican Grill 140 E. Boardwalk Dr. Unit H & I
Loaf n Jug #705812 1601 S. College Ave.
Loaf n Jug #705826 200 W. Horsetooth Rd. 
Longhorn Steakhouse #5550 3450 S. College Ave.
Los Comales 111 W. Prospect Rd. A
Modern Market 3260 S. College Ave.
Music City Hot Chicken 111 W. Prospect Rd. B & C
Nick's of Fort Collins 1100 S. College Ave.
Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant 143 W. Mountain Ave.
Saigon Grill III 1120 S. College Ave.
Union Bar & Soda Fountain 250 Jefferson St.
Vatos Tacos + Tequila 200 N. College Ave.
3 Margaritas 4010 S. College Ave.
Bad Daddy's 347 E. Foothills Pkwy. #110
Cacciatore @ Heller's Kitchen 1939 Jessup Dr. #110 & 130
Dae Gee #5 120 W. Olive St. Ste. 101
Moot House Restaurant 2626 S. College Ave.
Old Town Putt 244 N. College Ave.

MAY 2021

415 415 S. Mason St. 
7-Eleven Store #32276B 6600 S. College Ave.
7-Eleven Store #35506J 3045 W. Prospect Rd.
7-Eleven Store #35880B 1401 W. Elizabeth St.
Back Porch Café 1101 E. Lincoln Ave.
Beau Jo's 205 N. College Ave.
Blue Agave Grill 201 S. College Ave.
Butters AM Eatery 1103 W. Elizabeth St.
Campus West Liquor Depot 1107 City Park Ave.
Carrabba's Italian Grill 1212 Oakridge Dr.
DGT  120 1/2 W. Laurel St.
Emporium Sports Bar 925 S. Taft Hill Rd.
Little on Mountain 1046 W. Mountain Ave.
Lucile's  400 S. Meldrum St.
Match-Ups 625 S. Mason St.
McClellan's Brewing Company 1025 S. Taft Hill Rd.
Mi Sushi 200 W. Prospect Rd.
MOD Pizza 103 Centre Ave.
Moe's Original Bar-B-Que 181 N. College Ave.
Mugs Coffee Lounge 261 S. College Ave.
Panino's Italian Restaurant 310 W. Prospect Rd.
Penrose Taphouse & Eatery 216 N. College Ave. #110
Prospect Liquors 1115 W. Prospect Rd #105
Rainbow Restaurant 212 W. Laurel St. 
RISE! A Breakfast Place 2601 S. Lemay Ave. #31
Silver Grill Café 218 Walnut St.
Snooze 144 W. Mountain Ave.
Urban Egg 230 S. College Ave. Unit B
Vincent's 902 W. Drake Rd.
Waffle Lab 130 W. Olive St. Unit D
Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop 216 Pine St.
Back Door Grill FTC 130 W. Laurel St.
Canino's Italian Restaurant 613 S. College Ave.
Fuzzy's Taco Shop 1335 W. Elizabeth St. #125
Homewood Suites by Hilton 1521 Oakridge Dr.
Krazy Karl's Pizza 1124 W. Elizabeth St.
Liquor Kabinet 3035 W. Prospect Rd.
The Armstrong Hotel 259 S. College Ave.
The Chicken Coop 1006 Spring Creek Ln. #B7

APRIL 2021

Buffalo Wild Wings  150 E. Harmony Rd.
Bullfrog Wine & Spirits  1820 N. College Ave.
Elevated Sandwiches  1612 N. College Ave. Unit K
Fish’s Liquormart  1007 E. Harmony Rd.
JB’s Convenience Store  710 E. Magnolia St.
King Soopers #99  1842 N. College Ave.    
Loaf ‘N Jug #858  1801 N. College Ave.
Lucky’s Market  425 S. College Ave.
Lulu Asian Bistro  117 S. College Ave.
Moondance Wine & Spirits  2601 S. Lemay Ave. #46
Rare Italian 101 S. College Ave.
Snack Attack  120 W. Stuart St. Unit A
Square Beverage  3500 S. College Ave. #196
Tap & Handle  307 S. College Ave.
Taqueria Express Mexican Food 1657 S. College Ave.
The Regional  130 S. Mason St.
The Rockies  1660 N. College Ave.
Thirsty’s Liquor  1001 S. Lemay Ave.
Torchy Tacos  3280 S. College Ave. Ste 130
Tortilla Marissa’s  2635 S. College Ave.
Trader Joe’s  3500 S. College Ave. #110
Wing Shack FTC  1011 S. Lemay Ave.
La Buena Vida  901 E. Harmony Rd.
Pobre Pancho’s  1802 N. College Ave.
Poudre Liquor  814 N. College Ave.
Slyce Pizza Co.  163 W. Mountain Ave.
Smokin Fins  327 E. Foothills Pkwy
X-Golf  351 E. Foothills Pkwy Ste 110

MARCH 2021

7-Eleven #20104A  430 Remington St.
7-Eleven #26803C  2800 S. College Ave.
Blind Pig Pub  214 Linden St.
CB & Potts at Collindale Golf Course  1441 E. Horsetooth Rd.
Circle K #2741152  4502 S. Timberline Rd.
Crystal’s Liquor  356 E. Harmony Rd. #6C
Elliot’s Martini Bar  234 Linden St.
Island Grill  2601 S. Lemay Ave. #12
Khon Thai  2900 W. Harvard St. Ste A
King Soopers #18  2325 S. College Ave.
Lucky Joe’s Sidewalk Saloon  25 Old Town Sq.
Mulberry Max Wine & Spirits  460 S. College Ave. Ste G
Next Door American Eatery  100 N. College Ave./106 E. Mountain Ave.
Old Town Liquor  214 S. College Ave. #1
Pinball Jones  107 Linden St.
Pour Brothers  220 Linden St.
Stuft  210 S. College Ave.
Target Store #T-0079  105 W. Troutman Pkwy
The Comedy Fort  167 N. College Ave.
Town Pump  124 N. College Ave.
Wine and Liquor Specials  2439 S. College Ave. C-4
Chipotle Mexican Grill  2120 E. Harmony Rd. Ste 107
CooperSmith’s Pub and Brewing  5 Old Town Sq.
Illegal Pete’s  320 Walnut St.
Inca Mexican Restaurant  2413 S. College Ave.
The Crown Pub  134 S. College Ave.
The Irish Pub  2439 S. College Ave.


7-Eleven #26927B  1600 S. Lemay Ave.
B&B’s Pickle Barrel  122-124 W. Laurel St.
Black Bottle Brewery  1611 S. College Ave.
Cheba Hut 925 S. Taft Hill Rd. #6
Cheba Hut  104 E. Laurel St.
Creekside Liquors  1005 W. Stuart St. #83
Fabby’s Wine & Spirits  2608 S. Timberline Rd. #112
King Soopers #9  1015 S. Taft Hill Rd.
King Soopers #97  2602 S. Timberline Rd.
Loyalty Liquors  1630 S. Lemay Ave.
Maya Cove  2100 W. Drake Rd #1
Pitchers Sports Restaurant  1100 W. Drake Rd.
Pizza Casbah  126 W. Laurel St.
Qdoba #2053  1104 W. Elizabeth St. (stopped selling alcohol)
Saddle Up Liquors  1015 S. Taft Hill Rd. Unit E
The Axe & Ale  1624 S. Lemay Ave.
The Perfect Pour  1671 S. College Ave.
Tokyo Joe’s  2519 S. Shields St.
Totally 80’s Pizza  1717 S. College Ave.
William Oliver’s Publick House  2608 S. Timberline Rd. #108
Fat Shack  706 S. College Ave. #102
Pringle’s Fine Wine & Spirits  2100 W. Drake Rd. #11
Safeway #2913  2160 W. Drake Rd.
Safeway Fuel Station  2451 S. Taft Hill Rd.
Simply Thai  2531 S. Shields St. 2-M


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