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Downtown Projects

Why is there construction occurring in the parking garages Downtown?

Two projects are happening concurrently:

1) Regular sealant maintenance that keeps water out will ensure a longer life for our garages.

2)Update of the Old Town Parking Structure (corner of Mountain and Remington) and Civic Center Parking Structure (corner of Mason and Laporte) with the same technology as the Firehouse Alley Parking Structure (next to the Elizabeth Hotel). The technology is a pre-pay by app or pay-station system with navigation tools indicating available parking.

Why is the project happening? What's the purpose?

The removal of the gates and the introduction of pay stations and app-based payment is part of a larger strategy to improve parking Downtown. These additions to the Downtown parking are being made to make the system more cohesive, easier and more predictable for all users.

The purpose of retrofitting the parking structures with new technology is to address several issues:

  • The existing gates and pay stations in the garages regularly malfunction, leaving patrons trapped.
  • During busy times (each day after work), the vehicle queue backs up at the gates, creating frustration.
  • It’s unpredictable if and where spaces are available.
What are the benefits of these parking changes?

The FC Parking App will allow you to pay for your parking and extend your session. The new setup will also allow you to navigate to available parking in the parking structures and on the street in one consistent system. Permit holders in the garages will not have to do anything upon entering and exiting.

If a patron wishes to pay at a pay-station instead of using the app, they can choose to receive a text message when their time is almost expired with the option to extend. This makes it easy to begin with less time and add time as your visit extends. The sensor technology will indicate on a digital sign at the entrance how many spaces are available on each level of the parking structure. Lights above each stall will tell you which spaces are available at a glance.

What other parking projects are coming to Downtown?
  • SENSORS - In the coming year, the City will be installing sensors in Downtown’s on-street parking spaces. This technology will allow Parking Services to understand occupancy and turnover rates to improve management of spaces. Also, the sensors will link to the FC Parking App and show where available parking spaces are located.
  • ENFORCEMENT – Based on the data we receive from the sensors, we anticipate eventually extending the 2-hour parking time-limit to 8 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends. This will encourage turnover of these high-demand spaces during a very busy time in the evening.
  • PAY-TO-STAY – After 2 hours, instead of leaving or moving your vehicle, you will be able to pay to extend your stay on-street via the FC Parking App.
How do I get the FC Parking app?

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play on your smart phone and download FC Parking

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Potential Projects

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  • On-street management changes (using sensor data)
    • Extended Enforcement Hours
    • Pay to Stay