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Parking Services


Downtown, City-owned parking lots and on-street parking are regulated Monday through Saturday. Parking Services monitors these areas to ensure parking turnover in the downtown area. The City of Fort Collins has a variety of parking regulations.

Timed Parking#

The City of Fort Collins, Downtown Business Association and Downtown Development Authority work together to address downtown parking problems. Time limits encourage people to move their vehicles to increase parking turnover for downtown businesses, customers and visitors. Most parking in the heart of downtown is 2-hour.

  • To avoid a citation, you may move to another block face before your time is up
  • You cannot return to the same block face for at least 4 hours
  • Use structures/lots for longer parking (pay by the hour)
  • Your first overtime citation (ticket) is a warning and free
  • If a street has no posted time restrictions, vehicles may park all day

The 4-Hour Block Face Rule#

The 4-Hour Block Face Rule

Block Face Rule. After being parked for up to 2 hours, a vehicle must then leave the block face area and may not return to it for 4 hours from arrival time. A block face is a portion of the street between 2 intersections, both sides of the street, and center parking where applicable.

Loading Zones#

Loading zones are to be used for the purpose of, and while engaged in, loading or unloading property or passengers.

  • Loading zones have a 30-minute time limit
  • Your flashers must be on
  • Loading zones are not considered parking places and will be enforced accordingly

Abandoned Vehicles#

  • Any car unattended IN THE PUBLIC-RIGHT-OF-WAY for 48 hours or longer is considered "abandoned"
  • Vehicle will be towed and stored at owner's expense

Traffic Code - Parking Regulations#