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Structures and Surface Lot Permits#

The City of Fort Collins has three (3) Parking Structures and five (5) Surface lots that offer permits. All structures are gateless and have the newest technology available: digital signs that provide number of available spaces on each level, and indicator lights to help you navigate through the structure.

Permits are subject to space availability. If full, you may request to be placed on a wait list.  All permits are License Plate Recognition. Enforcement vehicles will drive by a vehicle and identify valid permits.

These additions to Downtown area parking help make the system more cohesive, easier, and predictable for all users. Please contact Customer Service at 970-221-6617 to inquire about availability or for any other questions.

Monthly Parking Permits#

Payments, Advanced Monthly Rates And Refunds#

Payments are due prior to the first of each month to receive reduced "Advanced Monthly Rates." Customers may pay by the month, quarter or year with cash, check or credit card. Cancellations for monthly permits must be made in person, and must be processed prior to the 5th of the month in order to receive a refund.

Structure Permit Prices#

Covered-parking permit holders may park anywhere in the structure EXCEPT Level 1. Roof-top permit holders may only park in the uncovered areas of Levels 4 and 5 in the Civic Center garage, and on the top (Level 4) of the Old Town garage.

  Monthly Rate Advance Monthly Rate
Civic Center Garage Covered-Parking $50 $40
Civic Center Garage Roof-Top $30 $20
Old Town Garage Covered-Parking $50 $40
Old Town Garage Roof-Top $30 $20
Firehouse Alley All-Parking $60 $50

Civic Center Parking Garage Discount!
Transfort annual and monthly bus pass holders receive $3.00 off standard rooftop parking fees. Transit users must present a valid annual or monthly bus pass to Parking Services to obtain the parking permit. Does not apply to CSU students or City of Fort Collins employees. Bike Parking Facilities available in parking garage.

Surface Lot Permit Prices#

Remember, to get the advanced monthly rate you must pay for your permits prior to the first of each month.

  Monthly Rate Advance Monthly Rate
Mason Lot $43 $33
Oak/Remington Lot $37 $27
Jefferson Lot $31 $21
Canyon Lot $30 $20
Olive Lot Contact us, special prices apply.


Permit FAQs#

The new system will be license plate recognition, by providing either the actual registration or a picture of your license plate will help with accuracy and reduce potential citations.

To keep this as simple as possible, complete one form for all company fleet vehicles and send copies of registration or pictures of the license plate(s) for each vehicle.

No, there is no change to you. Your permit will remain active unless your employer notifies us to deactivate.

Your permit can be attached to multiple license plates for a “shared” permit. However, only one (1)  vehicle can use the permit at a time. If more than one (1) is in the structure at a time, one (1) vehicle will need to pay for their time at the pay station or via the Parking app.

Please notify parking services as soon as possible so we can get your new license plate into the system to prevent a citation.

Where you can park depends on your permit type. The majority of city and county permit holders have covered permits. This allows you to park on the second level and above M-F 8am - 5pm. After 5pm and weekends you can park anywhere, except for areas that are signed, or the indicator light reflects reserved for ADA, Police or other. If you park on the first floor M-F 8am-5pm you must pay at the pay station or via app or you will be eligible for a citation.

A permit does not guarantee a space, however there are only a few times during the year that our structures or lots are at full capacity and it generally only lasts a short time.