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Parking Services

Parking Frequently Asked Questions#

How can I pay my parking citation (ticket)?

Payments are accepted by phone, mail, drop box, or in person. Visit citations for more details. Our Downtown Parking Map shows all our drop box locations.

How do I get to Parking Services?

Parking Services is located at 215 North Mason Street. Our office is on the first floor in the south wing.

What if I receive a parking citation (ticket) and feel I don't deserve it?

You have the right to appeal a parking citation at any time by contacting us in person or calling 970-221-6617.Visit citations for more details.

What if I cannot afford to pay my parking citations (tickets)?

Payment arrangements can be made in situations such as these; however, please be aware if arrangements are not made, your vehicle may be booted (incurring a $50 booting fee in addition to the full amount owed). Please contact us as soon as possible regarding outstanding citations. Visit citations for more details.

What are the operating hours of Parking Services and how do I contact you?

Visit our contact page for all our contact info. Voice mail is available for messaging after hours. If you need to pay a citation after hours, you can drop it off in any of our drop boxes throughout the downtown area. Our Downtown Parking Map shows all our drop box locations.

See the Downtown Parking Map

Where can I find free parking?

All on-street parking in the downtown area is free. In the heart of downtown, time limits are in place (see the signs for the length of time you may park). Around the periphery of downtown, you may park for free with no time limits. Also, parking in both downtown parking structures is free for the first hour, with a fee of $1 per hour for each additional hour. View the Downtown Parking Map for additional details.

See the Downtown Parking Map

How many parking spaces are there in downtown Fort Collins?

There are 9,711 parking spaces in the 48-block "downtown" area. Of these, 3,149 or on-street, and 6,562 are off-street. Of the off-street spaces, 1,697 are public (structures and surface lots) and 4,865 are private spaces (private parking lots or private parking areas behind buildings, usually accessed through an alley.) The total public parking supply is 4,846 spaces (3,149 on-street and 1,697 off-street) which represents about 50% of the total downtown.