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Parking Services

Monthly Parking Permits

Payments, Advanced Monthly Rates And Refunds

Payments are due prior to the first of each month to receive reduced "Advanced Monthly Rates." Customers may pay by the month, quarter or year with cash, check or credit card. Permit payments are not accepted at the parking structures or lots. Cancellations for monthly permits must be made in person, and must be processed prior to the 5th of the month in order to receive a refund. Monthly parking for structures and surface lots is subject to space availability. If full, you may request to be placed on a wait list. Please contact Customer Service at 970-221-6617 to inquire about space availability.

Access Cards for parking structures

Monthly parking is available at both of the City's parking structures. There is a $10 deposit for an access card. The deposit is refundable when you cancel your permit as long as your card is returned to Parking Services within thirty days of cancellation.

Structure Permit Prices

Monthly customers who do not have their access card upon entering the garage are required to pay the hourly rate for that garage. Remember, to get the advanced monthly rate you must pay for your permits prior to the first of each month. Covered-parking permit holders may park anywhere in the structure EXCEPT Level 1. Roof-top permit holders may only park in the uncovered areas of Levels 4 and 5 in the Civic Center garage, and on the top (Level 4) of the Old Town garage.

  Monthly Rate Advance Monthly Rate
Civic Center Garage Covered-Parking $50 $40
Civic Center Garage Roof-Top $30 $20
Old Town Garage Covered-Parking $50 $40
Old Town Garage Roof-Top $30 $20
Firehouse Alley All-Parking $60 $50

Civic Center Parking Garage Discount!
Transfort annual and monthly pass holders receive $3.00 off standard rooftop parking fees. Transit users must present a valid annual or monthly pass to Parking Services to obtain the parking pass. Does not apply to CSU students or City of Fort Collins employees. Bike Parking Facilities available in parking garage.

Surface Lot Permits

Surface lots require a permit (cling/sticker) be displayed on the driver's side front window while the vehicle is parked. Loss of the permit for any reason requires a purchase of a new permit. If permit holder changes vehicles, it is the driver's responsibility to move the permit from one vehicle to another. Vehicles without a proper permit or if permit is not visible will be cited. New permits must be purchased in person at Parking Services, 215 North Mason Street, 1st Floor/South Wing. The vehicle license plate number is needed at the time of purchase.

Surface Lot Permit Prices

Remember, to get the advanced monthly rate you must pay for your permits prior to the first of each month.

  Monthly Rate Advance Monthly Rate
Mason Lot $43 $33
Oak/Remington Lot $37 $27
Jefferson Lot $31 $21
Canyon Lot $30 $20
Olive Lot Contact us, special prices apply.