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Community Survey

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Community Survey

The 2017 Community Survey Results Are In!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey! Overall, the report is positive with a few areas of concern and opportunities for improvement. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about the survey or how to use it. The City offers presentations and help using the data.

Some of Fort Collins’ strongest areas are:

  • Conservation and sustainability efforts
  • Feelings of Safety
  • Overall as a place to live and quality of life

Some of the City’s greatest areas for improvement are:

  • Affordable quality housing
  • Transportation and Traffic
  • Business support and promotion

This is just one of many methods of public input the City uses in decision making processes.

Download the 2017 Community Survey

What Can You Learn?

The survey covers a variety of topics connected to the City’s seven strategic outcome areas.

  1. Neighborhood Livability & Social Health
  2. Culture & Recreation
  3. Economic Health
  4. Environmental Health
  5. Safety
  6. Transportation
  7. High Performing Government

The community rates the community on a scale of “Very Good” to “Very Bad” on items such as:

  • Overall, as a place to live
  • Community acceptance of all people
  • Safety in different areas of town
  • Disaster response and other safety services
  • Utilities such as drinking water and electric services
  • Support of businesses
  • Natural areas and other cultural opportunities
  • Interactions with City staff

The reports include overall results in these areas and cross analyses of the data to show how different segments of the population feel about the community. For example, results can be compared by: respondent length of residency; age; race/ethnicity; and geographical area.  

How Do We Use The Results?

The results offer the City statistically valid information about how things are going from the public’s viewpoint. It helps illuminate opportunities for improvement, strengths, and how to create more effective communication. Since the results can be viewed by respondent characteristics, this also allows for better planning around inclusivity, equity and diversity

When Is The Next Survey?

The next survey will be sent out in September/October of 2017 to thousands of households throughout Fort Collins including CSU students. The City will receive the results and start publicizing the information by the end of the year. Starting in 2017, the survey will move from biennial to annual creating more data points and opportunities for public input.

Contact us if you have questions or are interested in a presentation about the results for your organization.