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Art in Public Places


Ren Burke

Ren Burke’s design, Parliament, shows a gathering of playful-looking owls hanging out in a pine boughs A “Parliament” is the collective term for a group of owls. Through the use of color and fun patterning, these friendly owls will watch over their location and the piano, but will resist passing judgment on the players.

Ren’s artwork is influenced by graphic design, street art, and painters such as Franz Marc, Keith Haring and Frieda Kahlo. Regardless of the style, her artwork is focused on the natural world as her subject matter. She tends to paint with vibrant, fauvist color, while incorporating bold patterns and a touch of whimsy.

Ren’s artwork has been shown in numerous exhibitions since 1998. She is currently represented by Skol Gallery in Ouray, CO, and has exhibited her work around the Front Range and nationally. In addition to her gallery work, she has also received several public art mural commissions.