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Art in Public Places

Nature's Whimsical Connectivity

Makari Roehrkasse
Art in Action Tent, south of Old Town Square on Mountain Avenue

Makari’s goal is to create a mural that showcases an abundance of connectivity between all living things and the essence of whimsy we feel being a part of this beautiful world. The warping and playfulness with scale suggests the important roles that small creatures play in balancing the ecosystem and the bright playful colors exemplify life around us. She wants people to see her mural and dream with fluidity of all the things connected right outside the grid of our city. She will use very vibrant colors to exemplify how the colors around us make everything so alive.

The front of her piano design has a woman’s face on one side, inspired by Mother Nature, with her hair flowing into somewhat abstract mountains on the upper part of the piano and transforming into a river along the lower part. There are vibrant flowers with warped leaves and sun rays coming down from the corner of the piano connecting to a sun on the top design. On the back of the piano, the horse in the symbolizes freedom and beauty while also paying tribute to her first passion and true connection to/understanding of the beauty the natural world has to offer. The horse’s neck is outstretched and sniffing two butterflies flying upward. There are also poppy flowers throughout as a symbol of peace. Consistent with her theme, there are moving lines and shapes flowing throughout the composition and connecting the animals and plants.

Makari is a Fort Collins native but was also greatly shaped artistically by her college
years in Savannah, GA, where she graduated with a BFA in Illustration. When she
began her studies at Savannah College of Art and Design, she didn’t have any hyper
specific goals or career path in mind, but has stayed true to doing what she loves. She
started her career with a focus on portraiture, but over time has found joy in making
digital work, renderings of friends pets, oil paintings, ceiling tiles, and murals. She
enjoys weird stuff in the best way: rats, snakes, taxidermy mice, rocks, excessive
breakfast foods, horses, and music of all sorts. Whatever she does, she stays true to
her style of vibrant, whimsical, and often trippy fluidity.