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File an Online Motor Vehicle Accident Report#

Some crashes can be reported online. Incidents that meet the following criteria can be reported directly to the state:

  • Nobody died, was injured, or needs medical attention
  • The accident was not a hit & run 
  • You exchanged information with the other involved driver/s 
  • There was no damage to any public property
  • No involved drivers are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs 
  • No involved drivers are suspected of insurance, registration, or license violations
  • The accident happened within the last 60 days
  • Both parties agree to make an online report

These reports will not be investigated by Fort Collins Police. The online system simply allows people to document an incident for non-criminal purposes (i.e. insurance). Please contact the Colorado Department of Revenue at (303) 205-5600 if you have questions related to reports made through this system. 

Make an Online Crash Report