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Police Services

File an Online Motor Vehicle Accident Report#

All private property and cold accident reports that meet the following criteria may be reported online through the Colorado Online Accident Report website:

  • No fatality or injury requiring medical attention
  • The accident is a hit & run and there is no information to identify the other driver
  • No damage to any public property
  • No drivers involved are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or have insurance, registration, or license violations
  • Accident occurred fewer than 60 days ago
  • Both parties agree to make an online report

A kiosk is also available in Records lobby at Fort Collins Police Services or the Campus West Connections office for anyone who would like to make an online report. These reports will not be investigated by Fort Collins Police. The online system will allow residents to document an incident for non-criminal purposes (i.e. insurance). Please contact the Colorado Department of Revenue for questions related to reports made through this system at (303) 205-5600. 

Make an Online Accident Report