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Trail Distances

Trail Miles
Poudre River Trail
Lions Park in LaPorte to Taft Hill Road 1.75 miles
Taft Hill Road to Shields Street 1.10 miles
Shields Street to College Avenue 1.40 miles
College Avenue to Lemay Avenue 1.75 miles
Lemay Avenue and Mulberry Street 0.22 miles
Lemay Avenue to Timberline Road 1.60 miles
Timberline Road to Prospect Road 1.00 miles
Prospect Road to ELC Parking Lot 1.50 miles
At Arapaho Bend Natural Area 2.00 miles
Total 12.32 miles
Spring Creek Trail
Poudre River Trail to Prospect Road 0.85 miles
Prospect Road to Lemay Avenue 1.25 miles
Lemay Avenue to College Avenue 1.25 miles
College Avenue to Shields Street 1.25 miles
Shields Street to Drake Road 0.75 miles
Drake Road to Taft Hill Road 0.42 miles
Taft Hill Road to Spring Canyon Park 1.16 miles
  Total 6.93 miles
Fossil Creek Trail
Spring Canyon Park to Luther Lane 1.00 mile
Luther Lane to Taft Hill Road 0.75 miles
Taft Hill Road to Shields Street 1.50 miles
Mason Trail east to Highway 287 Underpass 0.50 miles
College Avenue (highway 287) to Fossil Creek Park and Lemay Avenue 1.42 miles
Underpass at Trilby Rd east to the Power Trail 0.97 miles
North from Carpenter Rd through Stanton Creek 0.70 miles
  Total 6.84 miles
North Branch of Fossil Creek Trail
Strauss Cabin Road to Radiant Park 0.58 miles
Radiant Park to Brookwater Lane 0.47 miles
  Total 1.05 miles
Power Trail
EPIC to Drake Road 0.75 miles
Drake Road to Horsetooth Road 1.00 miles
Horsetooth Road to Golden Meadows Park 0.75 miles
Keenland Drive to Trilby Road 1.39 miles
  Total 3.89 miles
Hickory Trail
Poudre River Trail to Hickory Street 0.50 miles
Rendezvous Trail
Pine Cone Circle to Ridgen Parkway 0.80 miles
Canal Trail (Pleasant Valley Trail)
Horsetooth Road to City Dentention Pond 0.50 miles
Northeast Main Trail
North of Maple Hill Park 0.13 miles
Main Spur Trails
Major spur trails to the main trail 2.00 miles
Long View Trail
Fossil Creek Drive to Trilby 1.00 miles
Trilby to Carpenter Road 1.00 miles
Carpenter Rd to southern terminus at Loveland's Sunset Vista Natural Area 2.00 miles
  Total 4.00 miles
  Total All Park Trails: 38.96 miles
Mason Tail *please note: Mason Trail is Maintained by Streets
Spring Creek south to Fossil Creek Trail 3.85 miles
Total All Trails: 39.62 miles
Trail List Updated: August 2018