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Recycling Options for Public Events

Organizers are required to provide recycling for large events held in Fort Collins parks as a condition of their permit from the Parks and Recreation Department, in alignment with the City's goals to divert waste from landfill disposal. The following information is intended to help park users determine how to design and implement a recycling program best suited for their event. Additional information about recycling is available from the City's Natural Resources Department at (970) 221-6600.

What Gets Recycled?
At minimum, materials that must be collected include all "commingled" beverage bottles and cans: glass, aluminum, plastic, and steel (tin) containers. In addition, if significant amounts of higher-grade waste paper will be generated by an event (i.e., brochures, flyers, or publications), or if there is a lot of cardboard, it must also be recycled.

Where do Materials go to be Recycled?
All recyclables collected at City park events must be delivered to a legitimate recycling plant or broker (e.g., not disposed of in landfills). If you use a vendor to provide collection services, they may have their own processing plant. Other recycling facilities or processors in the area are listed at the end of this document.

Who Provides Collection Service?
Event organizers may either collect the recyclables themselves and deliver them to a processor (referred to here as self-hauling) or hire a vendor.

Self-haul recyclers should use clearly labeled containers for collecting material separately from trash. Recycling containers may be co-located with trash receptacles, but ample signage should be used to help attendees make the distinction between the two types of collection containers. Remember, if cross-contamination occurs, it is very time-consuming and difficult to clean up materials to meet recycling processors' quality standards.

Local Service Providers
Event organizers may contact several recycling companies, as well as trash haulers, about providing recycling services. Prices and types of recycling containers offered will vary.

    1. Gallegos Sanitation, Inc. (970) 484-5556
    2. Habitat for Humanity's "Cans for Habitat" program (970) 223-9909 ext. 212
    3. National Recycling, Inc. (970) 493-7478
    4. Ram Waste Systems, Inc. (970) 226-3396
    5. Recycle America, Inc. (303) 399-6351
    6. Waste Management , Inc. (970) 482-6319
    7. Waste-Not Recycling, Inc. (970) 669-9912 or (800) 584-9912

Recycling Centers
City of Fort Collins Timberline Recycling Center
1903 S. Timberline Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525
phone (970) 221-6600

Larimer County Public Drop-off Center
5887 S. Taft Hill Rd., Fort Collins, CO 80526
phone (970) 226-1101

Zero Hero
phone (970) 237-1498

Colorado Iron and Metals
1400 E. Mulberry, Fort Collins, CO 80524
phone (970) 482-7707

Aragon Iron and Metals
516 N. Hwy 287, Fort Collins, CO 80524
phone (970) 484-2577

Rocky Mountain Recycling
1475 N. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524
phone (970) 484-5384