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Dept Head: Mike Calhoon
  •   8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (M-F, except for holidays)

Life Cycle Program Completed Projects

Each year the Life Cycle Program prioritizes projects based on available funding; focusing on health and safety concerns and regulatory mandates. The program also looks for opportunities to replace outdated, resource intensive infrastructure with more sustainable infrastructure that meets current codes and best management practices. 

Recently Completed Projects

Library Park Playground

The playground at Library Park was renovated in summer of 2020. The playground was expanded and new equipment and poured in surfacing was installed.  

All Completed Projects

Type of Project Location Year Completed Component Number Details
Streetscape W Drake Parkway 2018 M100  
Streetscape Medians JFK & Harmony 2017 7596  
Streetscape Horsetooth & College 2018 8873  
Streetscape Horsetooth & Lemay 2016 188  
Streetscape Medians on Prospect 2016 676  
Playground Library Park 2020



Playground Lee Martinez Park 2018 - 2019



Playground Edora Park  

A400 - A402


Playground Avery Park 2016



Playground Spring Canyon Park 2016


Replace safety surfacing

Playground Westfield Park 2018



Fields Rolland Moore Park 2018

F118, F119; F903, F907, F908, F909

Ballfield lights

Courts Rolland Moore Park 2017

C702, C703, C705, C706

Volleyball court

Courts Troutman Park 2018

C113, C623, C624

Tennis & basketball courts

Courts Edora Park 2017

C607 - C613

Replace tennis court fabric

Courts Overland Park 2016

C620, C621, C111

Tennis & basketball courts

Courts Golden Meadows Park 2017

C637, C638, C804

Tennis court

Hardscapes Troutman Park 2017



Irrigation Fossil Creek, Beattie, Waters Way & Ridgeview Parks  2018

I401, I420, I426, I427, I558

Repair pumps

Irrigation Creekside, City, Spring, English Ranch & Warren Parks 2018

I113, I118, I132, I148, I149

New controllers & flow sensors

Irrigation N. Louden Ditch 2017


N. Louden ditch lateral repair

Irrigation 11 parks 2017

I503 - I505, I507 - I513, I520, I529, I532, I535, I537, I559

Controllers & flow sensors

Irrigation Edora, Warren & Greenbriar Parks 2016

I404, I410, I419

Pump repairs

Irrigation Golden Meadows Park 2016



Structures Spring Creek Trail 2020


Replace pedestrian bridge, Michener Rd.

Structures Rolland Moore Park 2020


Replace pedestrian bridge, between Rolland Moore & Sr. Center

Buildings Edora Park 2017


Restroom & concession