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Parking Structure Retrofit Frequently Asked Questions#

Why is the technology changing?highlight_off

The purpose of retrofitting the parking structures with new technology is to address several issues – the gates and pay stations in the garages regularly malfunction leaving patrons trapped and in need of rescue, during busy times (each day after work) the auto queue backs up at the gates creating frustration, and currently it’s unpredictable if and where spaces are available.

All Parking Services structures will be made gateless, as our newest Firehouse Alley Parking Structure.  This is the newest technology available with digital signs that provide number of available spaces and level, as well as indicator lights to help you navigate through the structure.

The removal of the gates and the introduction of pay stations and app-based payment is part of a larger strategy to improve parking in Downtown. The FC Parking App will not only allow you to pay for your parking and extend your session, it will allow you to navigate to available parking spaces in the parking structures and on-street in one consistent system. Permit holders in the garages will not have to do anything upon entering and exiting – your license plate is your permit. If a patron wishes to pay at a pay-station instead of using the app, they can choose to receive a text message when their time is almost expired with the option to extend (only if paying by credit card). This makes it easy to begin with less time and add time as your visit extends. The sensor technology transmit to the digital sign at the entrance to display how many spaces are available on each level of the parking structure. Lights above each stall will tell you which spaces are available at a glance.              

These additions to the Downtown parking are being made to make the system more cohesive, easier, and more predictable for all users. Please feel free to call Parking Services with any further questions or concerns.

FC Parking App – Zones for Structures:

1600 – Firehouse Alley

1603 – Civic Center

1604 – Old Town

View FC Parking App Brochure

Will I need to fill out a new application for my permit?highlight_off

Yes. A new application will need to be completed for every permit holder. In addition, we will need a copy of the vehicle registration or a picture of the license plate(s) to verify the license plate number, and there are a new set of rules/liabilities that the permit holder will need to agree to.

How do I submit the new forms?highlight_off

You can interoffice to City of Fort Collins Parking Services or email to or drop by 215 N Mason Street 1st floor Parking.

Why do I need to provide my registration?highlight_off

The new system will be license plate recognition, by providing either the actual registration or a picture of you license plate will help with accuracy and reduce potential citations.

Our department purchases multiple permits for our fleet vehicles, do I need to do a new form for each vehicle?highlight_off

To keep this as simple as possible, complete one form per department and send copies of registration or pictures of the license plates for each vehicle.

My payment is automatically deducted from my employer; do I have to renew each month now?highlight_off

No, there is no change to you. Your permit will remain active unless your employer notifies us to deactivate.

What if I have multiple vehicles?highlight_off

Your permit can be attached to multiple license plates for a “shared” permit. However, only one vehicle can use the permit at a time.  If  more than one is in the structure at a time, one vehicle will need to pay for their time at the pay station or via the Parking app.

What if I get a new vehicle or rental car?highlight_off

Please notify parking services as soon as possible so we can get your new license plate into the system to prevent a citation.

Do I park in a different area than I do now?highlight_off

Where you can park depends on your permit type.  The majority of city and county permit holders have covered permits. This allows you to park on the second level and above M-F 8am - 5pm.  After 5pm and weekends you can park anywhere, except for areas that are signed, or the indicator light reflects reserved for ADA, Police or other. If you park on the first floor M-F 8am-5pm you must pay at the pay station or via app or you will be eligible for a citation.

If I have a permit, am I guaranteed a space?highlight_off

A permit does not guarantee a space, however there are only a few times during the year that our structures or lots are at full capacity and it generally only lasts a short time. While we do not guarantee a space and cannot allow them to park on the street in the two-hours spaces and prevent them from being cited, we do want to do our best to provide exceptional service and find alternatives when we can.

Will the first hour still be free?highlight_off

Yes, but you will need to pre-pay to receive an hour free. This must be done before you walk out of the structure or the enforcement officers will not know you are parked legally and issue a citation.