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City Seeks Input on Minimum Wage

Released on Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Contact Information
  • DeAngelo Bowden, Sr Specialist, 970-416-4362,
  • Ginny Sawyer, Sr. Project Manager, 970-224-6094,

The City of Fort Collins seeks input from both employers and employees in Fort Collins about a possible minimum wage increase and the impacts of an increase.

In 2019, the Colorado State Legislature passed a bill (HB19-2110) allowing communities to set their own minimum wage standards. City Council has made it a priority to consider raising the Fort Collins local minimum wage, which is the current statewide level of $12.56.

For local cities to adopt their own minimum wage they must consult with surrounding local governments and engage stakeholders, including chambers of commerce, small and large businesses, businesses that employ tipped workers, workers, labor unions, and community groups.

The City of Fort Collins is just starting this process. Through the spring and summer of 2022 an economic analysis will be complete, questions regarding wages and impact of any increase will be included in the National Business Survey, and an open questionnaire will be provided and circulated for anyone interested in responding.

City Council will discuss the minimum wage analysis at their July 12 Work Session.

To learn more or to take the survey, visit