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Fall Leaf Recycling

Released on Friday, October 2, 2020
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Fort Collins community members and businesses have many options for handling fallen leaves this time of year.

Leaves are excellent for composting, and gardeners and farmers also use them for animal bedding and to insulate plants and gardens over the winter. Neighbors can connect through social media networks such as Nextdoor and Facebook to exchange leaves for composting and reuse. Fallen leaves can be recycled for a fee by local businesses, at the Timberline Recycling Center, or through the Larimer County Landfill Green Waste Program. Residential trash haulers also offer seasonal leaf and yard trimming collection through November for an extra fee. Contact your waste hauler for details.

Reusing, recycling and composting leaves helps the community’s zero-waste and climate action goals by keeping them out of landfills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Remember it is prohibited to burn leaves and yard waste, and that that leaves should not be raked or blown onto the street where they can clog storm drains. Learn more about proper leaf disposal at