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City of Fort Collins' Water Quality and Flooding Updates, September 15, 1:45 p.m.

This press release was posted 1,494 days ago and may contain inaccurate information.
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The most recent information regarding the flooding status of the City follows:

• The National Weather Service (NWS), NWS predicts up to 4 inches of rain in foothills by this evening, which may cause rise in Poudre River. Fort Collins EOC will continue to operate this afternoon and throughout the evening.

• NWS reports that Rist Canyon has seen more than an inch of rain within the last six hours. South Fort Collins has received the heaviest rain in town, at approximately three quarters of inch in the past six hours.

• The City of Fort Collins reminds citizens to call 911 only in the event of emergencies. The non-emergency phone number for Fort Collins police is 970-221-6540. Larimer County dispatch is 970-416-1985.

• The City continues to advise the public to avoid unnecessary contact with river and other water bodies as they are likely contaminated with sewage from breached septic systems, etc.

• Fort Collins Utilities’ Water Treatment Facility reports that City of Fort Collins’ drinking water remains safe, with water coming from Horsetooth Reservoir, not the Poudre River.

• Both the Drake and Mulberry Water Reclamation Facilities continue to operate well, with no issues reported.

• The following intersections and bridges remain closed:
o Overland Trail
o Shields Street
o Lincoln Street
o Linden Street

• Stormwater staff continues to inspect the structural integrity of bridges, which are reported to be holding well. Other infrastructure checks also are reported to be stable at this time.

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