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City Council Considering Broadband Ballot Measure

Released on Friday, August 4, 2017
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Fort Collins City Council is considering a ballot measure for the November election that would provide voters a say in what the future of high-speed, next generation broadband may look like for the community.

The ballot measure would allow:

  • Council to add telecommunication/broadband services to the City’s electric utility or provide those services through a new telecommunications utility
  • Issue securities and other debt not to exceed $150M
  • Establish governance structure including the ability to
    • Go into executive sessions for matters relating to competition in telecommunications industry
    • Establish and delegate Council’s authority and power to a board and/or commission, except the power to issue debt
    • Delegate the ability to set and/or change rates or fees to the City Manager

This does not mean that the City will provide municipal retail broadband, or that a third-party internet service provider would offer the service. It would provide City Council with the legal authority it needs to make a decision moving forward in providing broadband services. Council will discuss adding this ballot measure on Aug. 8 at its regular meeting.

Council is able to have these conversations thanks to residents. In 2015, 83 percent of voters approved a City ballot question removing any state law barriers to the City providing residents with high-speed broadband. That removal of state law barriers allows the City to consider numerous options for broadband services. Council has narrowed its scope to the retail option and exploring a public-private partnership.

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