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Natural Areas Department Sells Software License

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Fort Collins open space tax dollars are being leveraged by sharing technology in an innovative partnership with a local business and Front Range local governments. In 2011, the City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department worked with Squarei Technologies Inc, a local software company, to develop NatureTracker. NatureTracker allows the public to easily view a calendar of events, register for activities and complete a feedback form while simultaneously managing volunteer sign-ups, activities, evaluations, and site visit reports. Administrators can keep track of it all through an intuitive dashboard and user-friendly reports. The City owns the software license and Squarei customizes NatureTracker for other clients. As part of a “grant back” agreement, any additions or improvements to the software are available to all licensees free of charge. Today, the City of Fort Collins, Squarei and the City and County of Denver signed an agreement for the first sale of NatureTracker. This means that the City of Fort Collins receives a licensing fee and has the option to “opt-in” to any upgrades made by the City and County of Denver. Several other local governments are interested in purchasing the software.

Kent Bejcek, CEO of Squarei Technologies, commented “Our partnership with the City of Fort Collins has been tremendous. We have been afforded the opportunity to solve real problems, help our local government save money, and deliver world class service to their constituents. It has been an amazing project and I would like to thank all of the people who worked so hard to make it a reality”.

About Squarei
Squarei Technologies Inc ( provides consulting services for the design, development and deployment of cost effective technology solutions. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado they have successfully served business, government, and non-profit customers since 1996. Squarei has been designated as professionals in the field through certification and long term commitments to the technology community both locally and nationally. Major practice areas include Interactive Web Applications, Database Development, System Configuration, Systems Integration, and Dynamic Web Reporting. The team at Squarei has the expertise and they use time-tested methodologies to ensure the solutions provided are maintainable, scalable, and delivered on time and budget. For additional information please call (970) 377-0077 or email aW5mb0BzcXVhcmVpLmNvbQ==.

About City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department
The Natural Areas Department's mission is to conserve and enhance lands with natural resource, agricultural and scenic values, while providing meaningful education and appropriate recreation opportunities. Thank you voters! Your citizen-initiated city and county sales taxes fund the Natural Areas Department, including land conservation, trails and educational programs.