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Neighborhood Services

Mini Grant Testimonials#

Latino Bike Co-op open house

Puertas Abiertas @ FC Bike Co-op

We hosted an Open House on Saturday, March 23rd for our Latinx Program…We gave out 21 free helmets and 12 kids bicycles. We gave tours of the facilities and explained the resources that were available to the Latino community. -- S. Hafen

Bat houses @ Richards Lake

We thank the City of Ft Collins Neighborhood Services for this grant. Without this grant, we would not have our bat houses. The bats thank you as well. -- D.R. Ibanez

Outdoor yoga @ FoCo Cafe

The Fort Collins Neighborhood Services Mini Grant helped the FoCo Cafe Kids Feeding Kids Breakfast Program bring unforgettable educational programming to underserved families in our community. With our grant we incorporated hands-on activities with animals, like meeting a Wolf-Dog from W.O.L.F Sanctuary, and professionally capture moments like this one: a fun, family-oriented outdoor yoga class with Family Balance Yoga. -- M. Garneau

Photo: Valerie Mosley Photography

Egg hunt 2019

Springtime egg hunt @ Maple Hill

Crescent Park was a wonderful location for our community-wide Egg Hunt. Thank you for the Mini-Grant Program. With your help we were able to make choices and purchases that made our event more sustainable, available to a wider section of our community, and repeatable into the future. -- N. Armstrong