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Promote a safe & welcoming neighborhood#

The best neighborhoods are welcoming and inclusive. Everyone deserves to feel safe, to feel included, to be seen. We believe that Fort Collins is a city of neighbors who look out for each other and whose kindness is a huge part of our community’s resilience.

Consider sharing a welcoming message in the window of your home, letting your LGBTQIA+ neighbors and others with diverse identities know that all are welcome on your block. Choose from these three free printables:

Directly Connecting with Your Street, Apartment Building, or Cul-de-sac#

These activities require some coordination, so you can get creative with invitations on NextDoor, handmade signs in your yard, or notes in your window.  

  • Driveway or front porch sing-along, dance party, or concert  
  • Pet parades or bike parades (with safe distances between participants) 
  • Driveway LEGO or chalk art competitions  
  • Online video chats with neighbors 
  • Outdoor or online dance parties (cue up a DJ, turn on a neighborhood video chat, and dance the night away in your living room) 
  • Curbside mocktail parties or coffee breaks  
  • Fun Friday costume parade (choose a different theme each week and hold a neighborhood walk about at the same time each Friday)