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Neighborhood Services partners with other entities to provide trainings to homeowner associations (HOA), HOA board members and property managers.

2017 HOA Training Sessions

  • All classes listed BELOW run from 6:00-8:00 pm in the Twinberry Auditorium at the Fort Collins Senior Center, 1200 Raintree Drive.
  • All trainings provided by HindmanSanchez Law Firm, coordinated by the City of Fort Collins.
  • Maximum room capacity is 120 persons.

Disclaimer: The City of Fort Collins does not provide legal services to members of the public. Any information regarding legal concepts, law, or policy provided at this meeting is being provided by outside attorneys as a courtesy by the law firm to attendees. The information provided or the appearance of any attorney or member of any law firm at this meeting does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the City. No attorney client relationship is established between the City and any attendees to this meeting, and no attorney client relationship should be construed by any attendees. The City is not responsible for the payment of any legal fees that attendees may incur as a result of seeking legal advice from the presenting attorneys following their presentation.

The Basics of Being a Board Member

Apr 11
Many owners volunteer to serve on their association boards to give back to the community and contribute to a communitys success. However, what many board members dont realize at first is that they have many duties and obligations once they are elected to the board. Some of these duties and obligations are contained in the governing documents of the association; some are contained in statute. Regardless of where these duties and obligations originate, they must be followed and observed to keep the board members and associations safe from liability exposure. Join us for this class, where will identify these various duties and obligations and discuss what they mean and how you can comply. This session is a great educational tool for new board members and an excellent refresher for the experienced directors too!

15 Random Things That Will Get Your Association in Trouble

May 15
We all know there are many actions, inactions, decisions, and discussions that can get associations in trouble. This session will focus on 15 of those things, and although random, each example will be one that weve likely seen or experienced before. In addition to focusing on what can get associations in trouble, we will also explore what can or could have been done in each of these 15 scenarios that may have minimized, or possibly eliminated, the negative impact. This interactive session will require you to think out of the box and come up with creative ideas to resolve conflict.

Associations in Financial Crisis - Options for Getting More Money and the Hidden Pitfalls

Jun 14
In times of financial crises, boards turn to annual assessment increases, special assessments, and bank loans. However, each one of these options must be exercised in a manner consistent with the governing documents and law. Furthermore, associations must be careful to avoid hidden pitfalls with these processes that oftentimes are not noticed until its too late. The purpose of this session is to discuss assessment increases, special assessments, and bank loans by associations and identify the process to be followed by associations when entertaining one of these options. We will also identify red flags that may appear during each of these processes.

Technology Advances - How to Use them in the HOA World

Sept 18
Whether by conducting meetings via Skype, taking minutes on your iPad, using a website or social media to build your associations online presence, or documenting violations through your smart phone, advances in technology are proving to be beneficial in all aspects of community association governance. Learn how to take advantage of technology in the HOA world, so your association can increase its operating efficiency, accessibility, and effectiveness, while proactively addressing the associated risks. Also, well touch on other technological advances such as Drones and Electrical Vehicle Charging, and how they are affecting community associations.

Meeting Pitfalls

Oct 25
Are you confused about meeting protocol and the specific requirements of providing notice for meetings? Have you ever wondered if there is a right way or wrong way to take minutes? Have annual meeting disasters? In this class we will discuss the notice requirements for board and member meetings, including timing of notices, format, content, and manner of delivery. We will explore the art of minute taking. We will also discuss the most common pitfalls associations fall into when it comes to annual meetings, and how to avoid them.

CAI Roundtable

Dec 12
The Roundtable program focuses on the education of HOA board members and homeowners. It allows attendees to ask questions and interact with people, including the speakers and their fellow board members and homeowners, in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. The Roundtable is different from the normal class format, where a lecturer teaches on a specific subject. Instead, it is set up so that we have three speakers who are experts on the assigned topics, and who field questions from the attendees at three different roundtables.

Please visit the website of HindmanSanchez for more information about classes they offer across Colorado.