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The Party Checklist
Steps for a Fun, Safe, and Responsible Gathering

Pre-Party Checklist

1. Agree with roommates/housemates about "house rules."
  • Set the maximum music volume
  • Set size of party and who to tell
  • BYOB? to keg or not to keg
  • Set party house
  • Have extra trash cans available
  • Decide on what food and non-alcoholic beverages to provide
  • Secure areas/property you do not want people to have access to
2. Pick a responsible monitor, who will:
  • turn away those persons not invited/wanted at party
  • help monitor "house rules"
  • talk with police should they show up
  • watch for drunk drivers

3. Speak with your neighbors often.
  • let neighbors know of party plans - exchange phone #'s and have your phone on during the party
  • negotiate an end time and a clean-up time with neighbors
  • talk with your neighbors on many occasions, not just the day before a party
  • lend a helping hand like offering to mow neighbor's lawn, shovel snow, etc.
  • ask your neighbors about their past experiences with students
  • familiarize yourself with the City's Public Nuisance Ordinance and check on your property
Party Time

4. Monitor, ask yourself these questions
  • Are you familiar with the people at your party?
  • Have you secured areas/property that you do not want people to have access to?
  • Are the people at your party of legal drinking age?
  • How is the noise level?
  • Are people parked in designated/appropriate areas? Are neighbors' spots being blocked?
  • Is anyone getting too drunk? You could be liable if they get in an accident.
  • Are people leaving with cups? This draws attention and creates trash.
  • What is the behavior like when people are leaving? Lots of noise, urinating in your yard or neighbors' yards, making excess noise?
5. When to take action
  • If party gets beyond your control, call the police yourself at 970-221-6540.
  • Let the "responsible monitor" talk to police.
When The Party's Over

6. Clean-up/damage control
  • Make sure you yard/neighbor's yards are clear of any trash, cups, etc.
  • Talk with neighbors to determine if they experienced any problems