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Neighborhood Services

Tree Branch Assistance/Ayuda para el retiro de ramas de árboles#

Tree Branch Assistance/Ayuda para el retiro de ramas de árboles

Are you a resident in need of assistance with branch removal? ¿Es usted un residente que necesita ayuda para ramas?

Sign up to receive help from volunteers to remove downed tree branches from your yard. Applications are now open! If you need assistance applying, email Michaela Mitchell at or call/text 970-658-9523.

You must meet the following criteria to apply:

  • You live within City of Fort Collins or Growth Management Area Limits.
  • You live on a "local road" meaning fewer than 1,000 vehicles per day. Generally, if your road has a center line, it is not considered a local road. For example, residents living Taft Hill Rd would not qualify for this program. This is for our volunteers' safety.
  • You do not have someone else in your life able to remove the branches for you. (Due to limited volunteers and the high demand, we must prioritize those who need assistance most.)

Request assistance and learn more here!

Inscríbase para recibir ayuda de voluntarios para retirar las ramas caídas en su patio. ¡Las solicitudes se abrirán pronto! Si necesita ayuda para solicitar, escriba un correo electrónico a Michaela Mitchell a o llame/envíe un mensaje de texto al 970-658-9523. 

Debe cumplir los siguientes criterios para presentar una solicitud: 

  • Vivir dentro de los límites de la ciudad de Fort Collins o del área de gestión de crecimiento. 
  • Vivir sobre una "carretera local", lo que significa que transitan menos de 1.000 vehículos por día. Por lo general, si su carretera tiene una línea central no se considera una carretera local. Por ejemplo, los residentes de Taft Hill Rd no califican para este programa. Esto es para la seguridad de nuestros voluntarios. 
  • No tiene a nadie más que pueda retirar las ramas por usted. (Dada la cantidad limitada de voluntarios y la alta demanda, debemos priorizar a aquellos que más necesiten la ayuda). 

Do you have hanging branches? Our city forestry department has a list of local, licensed arborists:

¿Tiene ramas colgantes? El Departamento Forestal de nuestra ciudad tiene una lista de arboristas locales con licencia: 

Volunteers needed! ¡Se necesitan voluntarios! 

The City of Fort Collins seeks willing volunteers who want to help their neighbors with tree branch removal in response to the damage left by the March snowstorm. Volunteers will be assigned in pairs to neighbors who face challenges tending to branch removal and need one-time assistance. Volunteers should have access to reliable vehicle. Access to a trailer and hand tools are helpful, but not required. To learn more and apply, click here!

La ciudad de Fort Collins está en busca de voluntarios que deseen ayudar a sus vecinos con el retiro de ramas de árboles en respuesta a los daños dejados por la tormenta de nieve de marzo. Los voluntarios serán asignados en parejas a los vecinos que tienen dificultad para retirar las ramas y que necesitan una ayuda puntual. Los voluntarios deben tener acceso a un vehículo confiable. El acceso a un remolque y a herramientas manuales es útil, pero no es necesario. Para más información y para presentar una solicitud, ¡haga clic aquí

Looking for information on where to take your downed branches? ¿Busca información sobre dónde llevar sus ramas caídas? 

Check out the Forestry Department's Storm Response Page

Ingrese a la página de Respuesta ante tormentas del Departamento Forestal 


Need Help During the COVID-19 Crisis?#

Need Help During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Fill out the form below to request help from a neighbor volunteer through this uniquely challenging time. We are looking for neighbors in the Fort Collins and the surrounding Growth Management Area who are vulnerable to COVID-19 and need assistance with daily tasks. You will be paired with a volunteer in your community! Tasks may include, but are not limited to: grocery shopping and delivery, driveway shoveling, and more. You will:  

  • Be connected with a neighbor who wants to help and is background checked and trained by the City of Fort Collins on COVID-19 safety.  
  • Develop a list of tasks that would help you be more comfortable to be completed by the volunteer neighbor. 
  • Assign volunteer neighbor errands or tasks to help you related to prevention of risk associated with COVID-19. 

Fill out the form here to be put on a list to receive help:

Sign up to get help

Adopt A Neighbor#

We are in a unique and uncertain time, but we are in it together. The coronavirus situation puts some of our friends, families and neighbors at greater risk. Yet, with all the uncertainty, we have the chance to show the world that Fort Collins is a truly exceptional community that rises up to help one another.

The City is seeking healthy volunteers to assist with services to our vulnerable populations. We are launching an expansion of the Adopt-A-Neighbor program to pair volunteers with neighbors in need during the current pandemic. Volunteers will assist neighbors who are vulnerable to COVID-19 with daily tasks, such as grocery shopping and delivery, picking up medications, sidewalk shoveling, and pet care. Specific needs and schedules will vary and need to be coordinated by the volunteer and neighbor they are paired with for the program.

Apply to Adopt a Neighbor through Volunteer Services