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COVID-19 Information

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Neighborhood Services

Adopt A Neighbor#

We are in a unique and uncertain time, but we are in it together. The coronavirus situation puts some of our friends, families and neighbors at greater risk. Yet, with all the uncertainty, we have the chance to show the world that Fort Collins is a truly exceptional community that rises up to help one another.

The City is seeking healthy volunteers to assist with services to our vulnerable populations. We are launching an expansion of the Adopt-A-Neighbor program to pair volunteers with neighbors in need during the current pandemic. Volunteers will assist neighbors who are vulnerable to COVID-19 with daily tasks, such as grocery shopping and delivery, picking up medications, driveway shoveling, and pet care. Specific needs and schedules will vary and need to be coordinated by the volunteer and neighbor they are paired with for the program.

Apply to Adopt a Neighbor through Volunteer Services

Need Help During the COVID-19 Crisis?#

Need Help During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Fill out the form below to request help from a neighbor volunteer through this uniquely challenging time. We are looking for neighbors in the Fort Collins and the surrounding Growth Management Area who are vulnerable to COVID-19 and need assistance with daily tasks. You will be paired with a volunteer in your community! Tasks may include, but are not limited to: grocery shopping and delivery, driveway shoveling, and more. You will:  

  • Be connected with a neighbor who wants to help and is background checked and trained by the City of Fort Collins on COVID-19 safety.  
  • Develop a list of tasks that would help you be more comfortable to be completed by the volunteer neighbor. 
  • Assign volunteer neighbor errands or tasks to help you related to prevention of risk associated with COVID-19. 

Fill out the form here to be put on a list to receive help:

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