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City Meetings

Fort Collins City Council Adjourned Meeting 11/13/17

City Council postponed the Long Pond Wireless Telecommunications Facility to the December 19, 2017 regular City Council Meeting. Then Council went into executive session to discuss the yearly reviews of the City Attorney and the City Manager.

Fort Collins City Council Meeting 11/21/17

City Council discussed 2018 Utility rates, fees, & charges & the formation of the Midtown Business Improvement District.

County Programs

Larimer County Budget Hearing 11/6/17, 5 PM

That Larimer County Show - A Great Place to Work

Larimer County Land Use Meeting 11/20/17, 3 PM

Larimer County Services: For All of Us

Learn about how the County uses property taxes to fund their services provided to everyone.

Larimer County Strategic Plan: Goal #1 - Safety & Wellbeing

Larimer County Strategic Plan: Goal #1 - Safety & Wellbeing

Larimer County Strategic Plan: Goal #4 - Transportation

Larimer County Strategic Plan: Goal #4 - Transportation

That Larimer County Show - Economic Development

Folks from cities & towns around Larimer County gather with Neil to discuss their economic strategies and partnerships.

That Larimer County Show - County Commissioners

Neil and Michelle talk with the County Commissioners about their past, present and future hopes for themselves and the County.

That Larimer County Show - Remembering


Wanderin Through Fort Collins Past - Pioneers, Presidents, & Trees

Local historian Wayne Sundberg talks about how the Fort Collins' Streets got their names.

Eat Well Be Happy - Tofu Rancheros & more

Road to Recovery - November 2017

The November episode of Road to Recovery showcases events across the Country that were held to celebrate Recovery month in September.

NASA X - Environmentally Responsible Aviation

Today on NASA X we will look at how this collaboration works and we see how NASA and industry are paving the way for greener, safer aircraft for today and for aircraft of the future as well.

CrossCurrents - Three Years of Pot

Panel discussion on where Colorado stands after legalizing marijuana. Panelists are Steve Ackerman, Gordon Coombes, Officer Jim Lenderts, & State Representative Dan Pabon. This program is produced by FCTV in cooperation with the Larimer County League of Women Voters.

Rec on Record: Episode 13

Out of the Box - Farm to Fork

A food system is the path that our food travels to us from farm to fork. Local food systems have economic, environmental and social impacts. Taking a collaborative approach is a new paradigm for small businesses, institutions, cities and residents.

Out of the Box - Volunteers

Research shows that cities with strong volunteer corps create more positive & livable communities. Our City very intentionally promotes volunteer involvement to improve services and create meaningful community.

2017 Mayor's Awards

CityView Episode 71

City at a Glance - Town & Gown

Connected Colorado - Service

Service comes in many forms, from serving our Country to serving our community. Hear these inspiring & heart-warming stories on this episode of Connected Colorado.

2017 Poudre River Forum - My How the Poudre Has Changed!

Excerpts from a 1970's era video of the Poudre showing it's degradation through Fort Collins and hear about early community efforts to clean it up.

2017 Poudre River Forum - As the Poudre Flows Through Greeley

Greeley has a long history of being good stewards of the Poudre River because it's very existence depends on maintaining the health of the river.

2017 CSU Homecoming Parade

CrossCurrents - City Broadband

A panel recorded on April 27, 2017, regarding the City's Broadband. Produced with the Larimer County League of Women Voters.