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City Council

Committees, Boards and Authorities

Committee/Authority Assigned Council Members
City/Colorado State University Leadership Committee Ray Martinez, Wade Troxell
Colorado Municipal League (CML) Executive Board Wade Troxell
Colorado Municipal League (CML) Policy Committee Bob Overbeck, Ken Summers
Council for Race, Equity and Leadership (REAL) Bob Overbeck
Disaster Council/Policy Coordination Committee Wade Troxell
Downtown Development Authority Ray Martinez, Bob Overbeck
Election Code Committee Ross Cunniff, Bob Overbeck, Kristin Stephens
Ethics Review Board Ross Cunniff, Ray Martinez, Kristin Stephens, Ken Summers
Finance Committee Ross Cunniff, Ken Summers, Wade Troxell
Forfeited Property Disposition Committee Wade Troxell
Futures Committee Ray Martinez, Kristin Stephens, Wade Troxell
Housing Catalyst Ross Cunniff
Larimer County Open Lands Advisory Board Gerry Horak
Legislative Review Committee Ross Cunniff, Ray Martinez, Bob Overbeck, Ken Summers
Library Trustee Selection Committee Bob Overbeck, Kristin Stephens
North College Urban Renewal Plan Citizen Advisory Group Ray Martinez
North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Council Gerry Horak, Bob Overbeck
Northern Colorado Regional Airport Commission Wade Troxell
Platte River Power Authority, Board of Directors Gerry Horak, Wade Troxell
Policy Advisory Committee of the Regional Transportation Task Force Gerry Horak
Poudre Fire Authority Board of Directors Gerry Horak, Kristin Stephens
Poudre Heritage Alliance Bob Overbeck
Poudre School District/City/Larimer County Liaison Committee Ross Cunniff, Kristin Stephens
Regional Water Collaboration Steering Committee Ross Cunniff, Gerry Horak