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Council District Boundaries#

District Criteria#

  • The city is divided into six Council Districts.
    • Candidates are nominated and elected by voters in each District.
    • The Mayor is nominated and elected from the city at large.
  • Boundary adjustments are made to apportion an equal number of inhabitants to each district.
    • District boundaries are adjusted following each decennial publication of the U.S. Census and the City Clerk is required to review the district boundaries at least once every six years.
    • The maximum deviation between the most populous and least populous district must be, to the extent reasonably possible, no more than 10%. If the then-current boundaries require adjustment in order to achieve equal apportionment when an examination is required, the City Clerk must recommend boundary changes to the Council. The Council must establish boundary changes at least 120 days prior to a regular municipal election.

Find Your Current District:

  • Enter your street address in the field below to find your district.
  • Do not enter city, state, and/or zip code information.
  • Example: 300 LaPorte Ave