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Vine and Shields Roundabout Improvement

Project Goals

In 2011, City Engineering completed an Arterial Intersection Prioritization Study which listed the intersection of Vine and Shields as one of the top-ranked locations for needed safety and operational improvements. The reasons for the poor ranking include: higher than average vehicle accident rates, deficient and/or non-existent bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and intersection delay for all transportation types. With this project, our goals are to:

  • Improve safety and overall efficiency for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Reduce the accident rate by correcting the horizontal geometry.
  • Improve air quality by reducing vehicle wait times.
  • Construct landscaping, streetscape elements and Art in Public Places.

Project Background

The City conducted an Alternatives Analysis study to weigh the pros and cons of a single-lane roundabout vs. an upgraded signalized intersection. The study looked at vehicle delay, accident reduction, right-of-way and construction costs, environmental impacts, multi modal improvements and access management for both intersection types. The results are summarized below:




Positive Outcome




Vehicle Delay

Minimizes Delay, Provides Best Level of Service



Accident Reduction

Reduces Potential and Severity of Crashes




Right-of-Way Needs and Construction Costs




Air and Noise Pollution, Minimizes Tree Removals


Multi Modal

Provides Sidewalks, Bike Lanes and Curb Ramps


Access Management

Minimizes Impacts to Adjacent Intersections



City Council approved a Resolution in August, 2012 to authorize the construction of the roundabout.

Proposed Improvements (Final design)

The intersection will be converted to a single lane roundabout with enhanced pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Upon completion of the intersection and Larimer County's North Shields project, bike lanes and sidewalks will connect Vine Dive to the Poudre River Trail. The central island and parkways will be landscaped. The Art in Public Places theme will be carried throughout the project footprint, and highlighted with special features at the intersection. Additionally, underground utility improvements have been coordinated with the project. Storm water quality features (rain gardens) will be constructed along the north leg of Shields Street.

Current Construction

The City and County have been working together to coordinate design and construction efforts since 2012.   Larimer County and the City’s Utilities Department have been constructing improvements on North Shields since the beginning of 2015. This work will provide the following:

  • Replacement of the structurally deficient Poudre River Bridge.
  • Sanitary sewer and light & power infrastructure.
  • A center-reversible turn lane on Shields Street.
  • Bike lanes and sidewalks from Vine Drive to the Poudre River Trail.
  • A multi-jurisdictional effort to improve parking at the Poudre River trailhead.


A majority of the funding for the Vine Drive and Shields Street intersection project comes from a federal grant. Additional funding comes from the 2005 voter approved Building on Basics (BOB) quarter-cent sales tax and the Regional Road Impact Fee (RRIF), shared with Larimer County.

Federal Grant $1.10 M
BOB Funding $0.35 M
RRIF Funding $0.35 M
Total Budget $1.80 M


  • Utility relocations and upgrade July 2015
  • Roundabout construction July through September 2015
  • Landscape improvements October 2015

Traffic Impacts

Shields Street will remain closed to through traffic through mid-September; local residents and businesses will have access at all times. The east leg of Vine Drive will be closed in Phase One of the roundabout construction. Recommended detour routes will be Taft Hill Road and Laporte Avenue.

Public Outreach

City Staff has developed a detailed communication plan which will begin implementation in May. The communication plan will highlight milestone dates, news releases, social media and specific outreach methods for residents and the travelling public. Check back here often for exact construction dates. Additionally, the project construction information will be available on our interactive trip planner, FC Trip.


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