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Building Services

Check Building Permits & Development Review Online

Spotlight image: Check Building Permits & Development Review Online

You can check the status of Building Permits, Development Review projects, and also schedule your building inspections online with our Community Services Citizen Access Portal


Building News

Spotlight image: Building News

Please read the latest updates for roofing codes in Fort Collins.
- Roofing Update 2012 Codes- Roofing Notice Regarding Ice & Water Shield Requirements

For guidelines for converting of a single-family home to an extra occupancy rental house, see our Extra Occupancy Rental House Guide.

Fort Collins Utilities Offers Contractor Training

Spotlight image: Fort Collins Utilities Offers Contractor Training

Fort Collins Utilities provides ongoing contractor training on a range of topics (e.g., lighting, HVAC, office efficiency, windows, solar), technical assistance and opportunities to receive continuing education credits. Together, we can make it easier than ever for local businesses to save money and conserve resources. Check out the different courses, get more information, and reserve your spot today. 

Need to Schedule an Inspection?

Spotlight image: Need to Schedule an Inspection?

Schedule your inspections online with the Citizen Access Portal. Online inspections requested by 11 PM will be performed the following work day unless another day is specifically requested.  Online only inspection requests may be made during the weekend for the following Monday.  A phone inspection request line is also available by calling 970-221-6769. Inspection requests using the 970-221-6769 voicemail must be called in BY 5:00 PM to be scheduled the following workday, and must be called in by 5 PM on Friday for the following Monday inspection. Voicemail inspection requests cannot be made on the weekend.  Find out more >

Get the Latest Info on Fort Collins Rental Housing

Spotlight image: Get the Latest Info on Fort Collins Rental Housing

Get the latest information on Fort Collins Rental Housing, Rental Housing Minimum Requirements-Summary or use our convenient Rental Housing Investigation/Inspection Request Form. For complete information on non-owner-occupied housing standards, see City Code.

Are You Informed About Asbestos?

Spotlight image: Are You Informed About Asbestos?

Are you thinking of remodeling, demolishing, or adding to a residential or commercial building? Did you know it is illegal to improperly disturb asbestos containing materials? Please read "What you need to know" about State and Federal regulations requiring inspection for asbestos:State of Colorado Asbestos Compliance

How Are We Doing?

Spotlight image: How Are We Doing?

Please take a few minutes and take one or both of these surveys. Feedback is always appreciated! Building Services Survey | Occupancy Survey




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